Beauty is the blessing of nature

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Fair and feminine are not only beauty. The body also has many organisms that can be used to represent beauty. The beauty of the entire body is enhanced when its parts are healthy and beautiful. If the skin is too pale and the eyes squinty, the teeth will be a mess.

Yellow is the best colour. Will this person be considered beautiful if the cheeks are smaller, the hair isn’t thicker, and the bust is not in the thoracic area? It will not look beautiful if the body is very lean or thick. Although all limbs should look beautiful if someone is not patient enough, what beauty can he find? These questions will be answered with a big “NO”.

Siddha oil was made from Siddha oils from ‘Triphala, Amla and ‘Bhirangraj’. It was also used for beauty purposes. To get rid of body deodorant, ‘Chandan,’ Priyangu,’ Gulab’, ‘Palaas’ flower, & ‘Masoor’ were used. Nature used them, and they were also free from any losses. Many artificial cosmetics can be used today to improve the beauty of skin and hair. However, they can cause damage to the skin and the body’s natural beauty.

They can cause skin infections, stiffness, hair loss, hair fall, hair follicles, eye glow, and broken teeth. The beauty of herbs in nature’s blessings not only enhances external beauty but also protects your body from microbes.

Here are some natural remedies:

White hair will turn black if you mix Bhrigraj powder, Amla powder, black sesame and asparagus powder with Ashwagandha powder.

Add a little curd to the gram, and rub it onto your body. Let it sit for twenty-five minutes, then rinse it and rub it. After rinsing, rinse with lukewarm warm water. The skin will become soft and white after a few days of regular sublimation.

Apply one-fourth of tomato juice and half a teaspoon of lemon juice to your face.

Mix the dried orange peel powder with milk and apply it to your face. This remedy treats acne, dark circles, and dark spots.

Dip the coconut in the roasted oil and let it sit for a while before wiping your hands clean.

Make a paste of ‘gram dal.’ Add water to it and then grind it into milk. Apply one teaspoon of turmeric and lemon juice to the face. Rinse off with cold water after it dries. This will intensify the bright colour of the evening.

You can combine a few rose petals with two to three almond pieces. Then, grind them until they look like trash on your face. After that, rinse it with lukewarm warm water. Small moles on the skin can be removed by this method.

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