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If you’ve been using BeautyTok recently, you’re informed that one of the most popular TikTok trends of this time has been “fluffy brows” -which has more than 168.5 million posts. For those who don’t know, fluffy eyebrows have been groomed and then sat in place to appear more full. Some people may require additional strokes using pencils or eyebrow pens. Some can get the look with little more than an eyebrow-holding gel. Whatever group you belong to, using a reliable eyebrow gel in your kit is essential to mastering the face-framing makeup style.

Like most makeup products, however, many eyebrow gels for eyebrows are available. Due to this, it isn’t easy to figure out which works best. This is where we step in. The twenty InStyle reviewers compared 23 popular and well-known clear brow gels. It evaluated them on a scale from 1-5 in four crucial categories: application quality, feel, performance, and overall appearance.

Some of their less-than-stellar notes focused on dry-feeling and sticky brows and brows that appear to be cemented hairs and unpleasant scents. Naturally, the clear brow gels did not appear on the list. Twelve did. However, Anastasia Beverly Hills Strong Hold Clear Brow Gel was voted the top overall.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Strong Hold Clear Brow Gel

Our tests found no eyebrow gel comparable to Anastasia Beverly Hills Strong Hold Clear Brow Gel. First, it comes with one of the most extensive brushes — almost as big as the mascara wand, making it easy to use. Since it’s on the large side, our test observed that it took only one swipe to fluff them completely.

“It didn’t leave any film and left my eyebrows looking natural — as though I hadn’t applied any brow gel at all,” our test participant reveals she noticed that her eyebrows stayed in place without causing any discomfort or appearing stiff. Another thing we like with this item is that it takes just a couple of minutes to dry out, which means you’ll have time to style them how you want without fretting about them falling in place.

“The Anastasia Beverly Hills Strong Hold Clear Brow Gel is the gold standard in brows,” claims the lash and brow specialist Jennifer Blair, the creator of the new franchise for eyelash extensions called Deka Lash. “This gel is light and extremely versatile, which means it’s easy to create brows that don’t smudge any color you might have applied before allowing the gel to create a perfect set. It’s important to mention that there’s no flakiness remnants or other form of buildup during the day.”

NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue Laminating Setting Gel

In testing NYX The Eye Glue, Our test subject (a professional in brows) observed that it was light and straightforward to use for brushing the hairs of the brow, thanks to the small spoolie making it easier to apply a specific area in the arch. But, it has small tips requiring multiple passes to make each brow look perfect.

Even after two coats of gel, she could see that her arches were elegantly styled without flakiness or stiffness. “This brow gel has a very comfortable feeling,” she declares. “I recommend this to everyone who needs a clear gel for personal and professional use.”

Don’t believe her, however. “I really love the accessibility of NYX; they’re high-performing products that are easy to find, easy to use, and always dependable,” Blair declares. “NYX The Brow glue is no other. Similar to the majority of brow gels, a small amount can go a long way in applying. However, what most stands out is how quickly it drys. It’s not a flake or buildup and it’s certain to last throughout the day.”

Kosas Air Brow Fluff & Hold Treatment Gel

More than 54,000 Sephora customers adore Kosas Air Brow Fluff & Hold Treatment Gel in Clear — and we’re too! Some features that caught our attention the most regarding this eyebrow gel are its spoolie, the convenience of use, and the ability to stay in place. “The application brush on this brow gel is amazing,” our test subject is amazed. “It’s shorter than your average spoolie and has a particular shape that is ideal for eyebrow shaping — the instructions on the box indicate to use the flat side to fluff and the tapered point for shaping.”

“I love how creamy this gel is — yet it dries clear and doesn’t flake as long as you don’t play with it once it sets,” says the brow expert Michele Holmes. “The hold is supple and retains its power. It’s among the top on the market in the clear space. Biotin and panthenol (which are included part of the formulation] help support healthy hair, too.”

The only drawback of this gel for brows is that it takes up a lot of product, so removing any excess product on the edges of the tube so that your arches are not coated too much and cause flaking is crucial.

MAC Brow Set

If you want to apply a product only to leave it behind, look at the MAC Brow Set hold gel. “This gel is amazing,” our test subject says. “It’s clear as the description says and feels light without flaking.” Furthermore, she states that just one application was enough to make her brows set, and she could form them before the gel was placed.

The only drawback of this gel that lasts for a long time is that our test subject found that it absorbed excessive product due to the long wand. This should be applied directly, as it could cause your arches to be overwhelmed. Therefore, she recommends removing the tip before using it on your eyebrows.

Ami Cole Ultra-Flex Brow Shaping Gel

Are you looking for natural-looking eyebrows instead of super-polished ones? Ami Cole Ultra-Flex Brow Shaping Gel will make you want to swoon. “The product sets with a light hold that makes my brows feel soft and smooth, not waxy,” our test subject reveals. “If I touch my brows with my fingertip, my hairs still move but settle back into place easily.” In this way, it’s an eyebrow gel that lets arches retain their shape and not be stiff – even after applying several coats, which our test subject believed was essential for achieving her desired appearance.

Outside of the holding, we are awestruck by the simplicity of application.”The applicator’s spoolie comes with one side long enough to brush the brows to the shape you want and a shorter side to give a more sculpted appearance (or to tackle flying brows that aren’t in control),” our tester clarifies. “The bristles’ length on the long side of it is excellent, and I think I could get the product from the root to the end. The shorter side is great for the wavy ends of my eyebrows.”

Our tester isn’t able to be awed enough by this brow gel that hydrates; Holmes admits that if you have coarser, thicker brows, it might not be the right fit for you since it doesn’t provide the strength to hold your brows.

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