Best Hair Color To Cover Gray For Brunettes

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Regular trips to the colorist are costly and time-consuming, no matter if you want to color your hair or cover up a few gray hairs. Home hair coloring is becoming more popular. Although many options cover grays, finding the right product can be challenging.

Janet Zeitoun is a celebrity hairstylist who founded SOTAH hair products. We asked her to share her favorite color schemes for grays and her best tips for at-home hair coloring. Zeitoun says that there are a few key elements that make home dye a great choice. A company that can be reached for any questions or concerns you might have when dyeing your hair at home. A color kit must include instructions for a patch test to avoid allergic reactions. It should also contain all necessary tools to help with an application, such as gloves and a tint brush.

You want to find the best hair colors to cover grays at your home. Look for products that are simple to use and last a long time. It is essential to look at the ingredients and whether the color is permanent, semipermanent, or temporary. Janet Zeitoun, a haircare expert, helped us find the best products to cover gray hair. Each option was evaluated for its ease of use, color performance, and other factors. Christophe Robin’s Temporary Colour Gel is our favorite. This gel is easy to use and safe for all hair types.

These are the top tips and hair colors for gray hair.

Step 1: Protect, protect, and Protect

Protect your workspace, hairline, scalp, and clothing.

Zeitoun says, “Protecting your hair from dye can be crucial. Cover all possible areas.

A famous home coloring faux pas is a dyed hairline. It’s a common faux pas in home coloring. Zeitoun advises applying a barrier cream to your hair before coloring it. This will prevent embarrassing outcomes. Use Vaseline or coconut oils if your box color does not have a skin barrier cream.

Step 2: Part and apply

It is essential to ensure that the dye is wholly saturated on gray hair. Zeitoun suggests dividing the hair into four sections to aid in this process. She means that you use quarter-inch units for your color application. This will ensure that every strand is saturated.

Apply your color to the areas with the most muscular gray hair first. Zeitoun says resistant gray hair requires the maximum processing time to absorb the stain. After you’ve applied the dye, make sure you cross-check that you have covered all gray hairs. Do not apply the color again. If you repeatedly reapply the paint, it can make your hair darker. This could lead to a dark ring that will require professional attention. This can lead to costly color corrections, so avoid it.

Step 3: Wait on It

Sometimes gray hairs might not dye. This is because gray hair produces very little oil and has a rougher surface than other hair types.

It will take time to color your hair. To monitor your time, keep a timer handy. Timer warns that too soon can cause a translucent color on the roots and uneven or even no coverage. Apply the color developer to gray areas. Let it set for 5 to 8 minutes before you apply the color. This will allow the hair to expand and lift its cuticle, allowing it to absorb the pigment better when you begin the color process.

What you need to know about aftercare

Zeitoun suggests you do not wash your hair for three days after dyeing it. This will help to prolong the color’s longevity. She means you use a non-sulfate shampoo after three days to keep the color in place and maintain its vibrancy.

Gray hair should be dyed only once every four weeks to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Too often can lead to hair becoming brittle and dull. It can also cause hairline damage.

How to Keep Your Colors Bright

It is essential to keep your color after you’ve dyed your hair. Gray hair can often fade from the middle of the hair to its ends, leaving it looking dry and dull. Many home-coloring companies offer color glosses. These pigment enhancers make your color more vibrant and maintain a consistent tone.

Christophe Robin Temporary Colour Gel

Christophe Robin’s Temporary Gel is an excellent choice for a light, a temporary gel that instantly covers grays and blends well with your natural hair color. This formula is suitable for all hair types and contains 92% natural ingredients. The color will fade naturally in between five and seven shampoos. It is an excellent introduction to home color.

Zeitoun says it can be used on multi textures, virgin textures, and chemically treated hair. Zeitoun says the shades are available in dark, medium, and light blonde. This brand is ideal if you like dark, rich hues.

It is simple to use and comes with gloves and an applicator brush. It is safe and contains no ammonia, oxidants, or parabens.

Dark and lovely fade resists

Dark and Lovely offers a variety of curl patterns for texture hair. This permanent, non-drip hair color is a trusted choice for women of color. It provides 100% gray coverage. Zeitoun says this brand has been around for many decades and is a trusted choice for home use. They offer a variety of colors and a non-ammonia gloss. Their color formulas also contain a lot of conditioning, which benefits hair with extremely thick or curly textures.

Escalon Custom Hair Color

Are you looking for a hair color almost identical to your natural color? A colorist can customize the hair color to meet your desired color. Zeitoun says that the brand offers excellent support for all your concerns, mainly if this is your first time doing this. Their coverage for gray is 100%.

Madison Reed Permanent Hair Color

The two-step system includes permanent color to cover your roots and semipermanent gloss to add dimension and color. This brand is trusted and great for virgin and multi-texture hair. The kits include everything you need for covering grays.

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