Best Mascara For Asian Lashes

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I don’t have to ask my Asian friends if they ever had trouble getting their lashes to look defined and fluttery. Falsies and lash extensions are always options, but they are only sometimes available to some.

Yet, this doesn’t mean we should give up on our genetic destiny to have six to eight wilting lashes, no matter how many coats of mascaras are applied.

We don’t, which is the good news. I have spent the past ten years trying to figure out the mascara matrix for people with straight Asian lashes. College tuition was well-spent! ).

You can read below to find out how I achieved it, my top picks, and my hacks for achieving the longest natural lashes possible.

How I found the perfect formula and brush for Asian lashes

The majority of volumizing mascaras made in the USA are thick and gloopy, with large brushes. These mascaras will not work for Asian lashes.

A thick product will quickly overpower a straight and very short lash and will remove any curls we have tried. A fat brush will deliver more product in one swipe. It’s like applying too much hair pomade to freshly styled hair. It can cause hair to look wavy and can even ruin the look.

I prefer mascaras with a small or medium-sized brush, a waterproof version, and a more fibrous, drier formula for long-lasting wear.

Ironically, all the products that made it to the final cut came from Asian beauty brands.

TonyMoly: The Shocking Cara Extreme Lashing

This lengthening mascara has wispy-looking fibers straight out of the tube. The stiff, short-bristled brush promises a defined separation and minimal product delivery per swipe.

Clio Kill Lash Mascara Superproof

This mascara is the smallest of the mascaras we have reviewed. It’s perfect for definition and achieving those corner lashes. TonyMoly’s formula is slightly more clumpy than this mascara, so I prefer to remove excess product from my brush before applying.

Espoir Nomudging Mascara Waterproof, XP

Espoir’s medium-sized brush may be a little chubbier, but it’s got the most potent formula. This mascara is the one I use when I want to achieve a controlled volume. I wipe off excess mascara before applying.

Kiss Me, Heroine, Make Long and Curl Mascara

This product is a version of Too Faced’s Better than Sex Mascara for Asian girls. Its small, lightweight, easy-to-use brush and its easily-manipulated formula allow for greater adaptability to individual preferences. You can let the product thicken for a half-minute before you apply it if you don’t prefer wet formulas. If you need more separation, use less product.

Peripera Air Wing Volume Lashcara

Although this mascara is not my favorite, it has the most significant brush. The formula is fantastic. It’s similar to TonyMoly mascara in that it’s fibery and fluffy from the beginning and will bulk up your lashes nicely!

Lash Hacks to Asian Eyes

The Eyelash Curler can be heated.

This is the tip I swear by.

Key: Heat is the best way to curl your straight Asian lashes. These rules can be manipulated, but not this one. Begin by holding your lash curler up to the flame for seven to eight seconds. Before you go in, feel the warmth on your hands.

A hairdryer is also a great option if you don’t own a lighter. You can heat your curler for about 10 seconds and then test it on your hand. You should feel it hot but not too hot to burn or hurt you.

Multiangle Curling of the Lashes

Your eyelash curler’s shape can make it difficult to curl each lash properly. After curling your first lash:

  1. Go straight in.
  2. Work your way up from the base in small steps.
  3. Once you are done, check your lashes after your second curl.

My outer corners lashes are not well-curled after the first attempt. So, I will curl them at an angle (after applying heat again). This allows me to catch my lashes better with the clamp.

Mascara should not be applied at the base of your lashes (at least, not at first).

The whole “apply to start at the roots, working your way up, and making sure you wiggle” concept is not something I like. Not at first when I started applying mascara. It can ruin all the hard work I put into curling my hair, mainly if I use more mascara than expected. Instead, I prefer to apply mascara at the tips of my eyelashes and then hold it there until I get to the roots.

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