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We’re ready for some bright, summery hues to adorn our fingers. After spending the last year indoors, this summer is about adorning your hands with different shades. You ask, what colors? You will remember cool evenings in gardens and canopy trees with popsicles. Are you looking for some fun summer nail designs? You can pick from various cool nail art designs to enhance your look.


French manicures are trendy. Period. People are changing the white ends of their ties to something more summery. Our favorites include lavenders, mints, and strawberry pinks. They are followed by dark olives that look cute, light greys, and cool aquas.

How to:

Apply a transparent or clear pink coat over your base.

Add the French tips in your favorite colors.

Finish with a clear topcoat.


This trend is for those who love to create. You can apply color to the sides and bottom of your nails, leaving the rest blank. Negative space brings out your natural pink like a primrose in the sun.

How to: Paint the base of your nail with a transparent or clear nude. Paint your favorite color in a swoop at the bottom of your nails, or vertically paint a quarter of each pin. Finish with a topcoat and a second layer.


The trendiest is to use tiny shapes that bring out the colors in the base. Try a nude pastel with a beautiful red heart at the center. You can use a brush to create a freehand nail design or buy cute mini stamps.

How to: Use a pastel color of your choice for the base. Choose a color that contrasts with your floor to create the shapes. These shapes should be small. Topcoat is the final step.


The lockdown was a time when this trend was prevalent. You can also try hand-drawn asymmetrical waves on nudes or transparent pinks. If you like, add some shimmer by adding some tiny rhinestones.

How to:

Use a transparent or clear pink as your base.

Create freehand waves with your brush (maximum of two for subtlety).

If necessary, apply a second layer and topcoat.


Imagine vanilla, pasta, or berry burst in velvet tips. Or cookie dough, mango, mango sorbet, and more. It’s hard to do at home, but the money spent on a manicurist will be well worth it.

How to: For an easy nail-artist-recommended velvety look, try a combination of high-shine metallic paint with an added coat of a matte shade. Try powdering a matte eyeshadow onto your first layer if that doesn’t work. Do not finish with a glossy, clear topcoat.


Cadbury Gems, not “gemstones”! Cover your nails in contrasting shades on each finger. This is one of the most popular Instagram trends. Think purple/mauve (or mauve), yellow/mustard (or mustard), baby pink, deep-red, and olive/mint.

It’s easy. Keep similar colors apart to make it look like you pick randomly picked the colors quickly. Tip: Make sure you use a different color sequence in each hand.


Consider wildflowers, animal prints, and leaves for your nails. Limit yourself to two colors, as more would make the pattern too loud. The shapes can be created with nail art stamps or by using tape. We need clarification about the difference between a maple leaf print and a cheetah pattern.

How to: Create the look using two complementary colors, such as a brown and a nude or a mustard and a deep orange. Then, use the darker color to coat your nails and stamp or freehand the pattern.


Choose a calm and sunny color scheme. Choose pastels with a relaxed but sunny feel. Doing this takes some extra time, but it is worth the effort. This is a fantastic look for both parties and relaxing days!

This requires an eyeshadow sponge. Let the nail polish dry, and then apply a lighter shade. Use the darker color on the sponge to dab the end of your nails. Apply the lighter shade again by flipping the sponge. Patting the lightning hue as you move up. Repeat 2-3 times. Finish with a top coat of clear.

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