Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

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If you have hooded or squinted eyes, eyeliner can be tricky. You can achieve sharp, clean, and smudge-free eyeliner with patience and practice. So you can get the most out of your eye makeup routine, we’ve answered all your questions.

What time do you apply eyeliner to your eyes?

  1. Make sure to use a primer before applying eyeshadow. This primer is not like traditional primers. Eyeshadow primer can be applied directly to your eyelids, providing a smooth canvas for eye makeup. Apply a small amount of primer to each eyelid. Then, rub the product onto your skin. You want your eye makeup to look smooth and consistent from your lashes to the brows.
    • Spread some primer on your lower lid if you want to use eyeshadows or liners.
    • You can apply primer with your fingertip or a flat brush.
  1. Apply your eyeliner first to the rest of the eyeshadow. Hooded eyes have a smaller eye shape than other types, so finding the right eyeliner cannot be easy. Apply a thin line to your lower and upper lashlines. This will give your eyes more definition, but not too much. To finish, use an angle makeup brush to smoothen the product.
    • The “apply liner before your eyeshadow” rule is most effective if you use a gel or pencil liner. If you are using liquid liner, it is best to apply it after applying your eyeshadow.

Which type of eyeliner works best?

  1. Choose an eyeliner with a quick drying time. Hooded eyes aren’t very spacious, so your eyeliner may smudge. Make sure you choose a quick-drying eyeliner, such as a gel liner. This will ensure your makeup looks fresh and vibrant.
    • Waterproof products are ideal for hooded eye protection.
    • Consider using a pen eyeliner. These resist oils that build up naturally on the eyelids and won’t leave any imprints on the hood.
  1. Choose an eyeliner that matches your eye color. Experts say that navy, copper, and gold eyeliners go well with blue eyes. While plum, olive, and gold liners work well with hazel eyes, experts recommend gold, navy, and gold. For green eyes, mahogany, garnet, and amethyst are great options. Amber and dark blue eyeliners complement brown eyes well.
    • Black eyeliner may not be a good choice if you have very light skin. Black eyeliner is not a good choice if you have ashen skin.

How can you make bold eyeliner?

  1. Make a dramatic wing. Use an angled makeup brush to apply eyeshadow that matches the color of your eyeliner. Next, use this eyeshadow brush to outline your wing. Then, finish tightening the wing using your eyeliner and fill it in.
    • It’s much easier to draw the wings first when you have hooded eyes.
    • Use a cotton swab to apply a little makeup remover and clean the line if your eyeliner’s wings are not as precise as you would like.
  1. Use the “floating Eyeliner” makeup trick. Apply eyeliner all around for this look. 1 / 2 In (1.3 cm) or less above your upper eyelash line. Although your “floating” eyeliner may look out of place with your eyes closed, it will look sharp and dynamic with your eyes open.
    • Apply your floating eyeliner over your current eyeshadow.

What is a subtle look for an eyeliner that I can do?

  1. It is a great choice to tighten your muscles. This is a fancy name for applying liner to your inner lashline. Instead of making a wing, and you should pull your eyelids up with one hand. Pull your eyelids up with one hand to reach the inner lash line. Apply the eyeliner using your pencil, brush, or liquid product.
    • It cannot be easy to tighten your belt at first. As you get used to the technique, take it slowly.
    • It would help if you worked quickly. If your eyes start to water, the product will not set.

What are some eyeshadow tips that can be used to accentuate hooded eyes with good results?

  1. Use light and dark colors to create a balanced look for your upper lid. First, apply a light, neutral-toned shadow to your eyelids. This will make your eyes appear larger. Blend a shimmery, medium-toned shadow across the middle of your eyelid. Blend a darker shade towards the outer corners of your eyes.
    • A cream-colored shadow could be used as a base, and a shimmery shade of blue might be applied over it. To create a subtle gradient, blend a darker shade on your lid.
    • Smokey eyes look great with the hooded eye.
  1. Apply shadow to the inner corner of your eye and lower lashline. Choose a bold shadow that complements the rest of your eye makeup. Apply this color to your lower lid and stop at about half of your eye. Next, switch to a lighter, highlighting color, starting at the eye’s middle and ending in your inner corner.
    • You can choose a light shade or a darker highlight color when choosing highlight color.

How can I apply mascara to hooded eyelashes?

  1. Start by applying mascara to your lower lashes. This will help you to open your eyes. You may get mascara on your eyebrows if you have already applied mascara to your top eyelashes. Spread the mascara on your bottom lashes, then work your way up to your upper ones.


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