How Long Does Brow Lamination Last

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Brow lamination is a beauty treatment that I didn’t know I needed. But was it? Since I was a child, my brows have had a mind of their own. They grow in all directions, like siblings who drift apart with age. They didn’t look the same as my Instagram-worthy brows, no matter how often I tried to brush them or apply brow gel. They are the ones that adorn models created by Nikki Wolff. Even though I had done microblading and bought tin soap brows, my eyebrows didn’t have the Je sais quoi.

Wolff did my makeup last year, and although it looked amazing, I couldn’t wash it off. My brows didn’t look as good as the ones she is famous for creating. What was it that they had that I didn’t? In my search for truth, I found brow lamination. I am here to share my firsthand experience with the procedure. Nina Nubian, Melanie Marris, and I teamed up to help.

Nubian informed me that brow-strapping had been a popular trend in recent years. She said that Russian and Iranian women have been doing this for many years. It makes perfect sense. Given the results–natural-looking, fuller brows that last–I only wish I had found out about the treatment sooner. Marris says this procedure is ideal for making a thin eyebrow appear fuller in 30 minutes.

How To Laminate Eyebrows

It’s safe to do a patch test before the actual procedure. This will allow you to check for any allergies or sensitive skin. Both Brow Code and Nurian Brow Experts are vegan-friendly, so there are very few risks if you choose a careful and knowledgeable professional. To avoid irritation, you should also avoid using retinoids for at least two nights before your treatment. Remember that your brows can’t be wet for more than 24 hours. Schedule your brow lamination appointment, so you don’t have to shower or exercise.

What to Expect During a Brow Laminate Treatment

The entire process takes between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on how many patches you have. Nubian began by cleaning my eyebrows and drawing the shape she wanted for my brows. To get an initial condition, she threaded any loose hairs.

She then shaped my hair with a tool and solution. After applying the straightening lotion, the hairs are flattened with a clear wrap and left to dry for 30 minutes. This lotion helps to open the hair follicles and shape the brows. The cream must be removed after the prescribed time.

Next, apply the setting lotion. This is sprayed on and left to dry for eight minutes. Because the first lotion was a bit harsh, she used a hydrating oil serum. Nubian also tinted my eyebrows to give them a fuller look.

Brow Lamination or Microblading?

Marris claims that people mistake microblading for lamination because it is so impressive. Marris says that “these are completely different treatments” and that brow lamination looks excellent on a microblade brow.

Both micro feathering and microblading involve needles. Marris says that microblading tattoos hair strokes on the eyebrows to create the appearance of more hair strokes. Lamination, however, allows the hair to relax and sit in any style you desire, whether full-feathered or straightened. Brow lamination is an affordable and temporary way to achieve your desired brow look. It’s also faster.

At Home Brow Lamination

I love the look of a laminated brow. I was a fan for years, but this was my first attempt. I liked the more refined finish of the browser.

Home brow lamination is done using the same kit and bonders. It’s straightforward and fast. This is a cheaper option and a great alternative if you have to stay home. Marris says DIY brow lamination is safe, provided the correct protocols and guidelines are followed. She also recommends the user conduct an allergy patch test before applying the brows.

Possible Side Effects  

Although the vegan formula is gentle, it can irritate your eyes. Marris says, “Don’t use it if you have ever had an allergic reaction to perming solutions or sensitivity to any ingredients in brow-lamination products.” You may also experience some reddening from the threading.

It is similar to a flashlight or a hair perm that curls lashes. This method has been around for many decades. She warns that you should avoid the eyes like any other product.

Brow Lamination Price

Brow Lifts at Nurian Brow Experts cost EUR55 or around $65. Brow lamination can be found at Brow Bar London in the UK or Ear Design in New York.


Your brow lamination results will last between five and eight weeks, depending on how long your hair grows. Nubian suggests that you only have the treatment once every eight weeks if you have thick hair. However, if you have fine hair, you should wait for it to heal for at least ten weeks. Nubian says that before applying treatment, we always ensure the brow hairs are strong enough. Nubian also explained that the therapy could coax your eyebrow hairs to grow in the desired direction. You’ll eventually be able to prolong the time between treatments because the whole treatment increases hair growth.

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