How to Fix Clumpy Lashes

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Doing too much mascara can lead to droopy and product-laden lashes. Here are some tips to fix clumpy eyes that can ruin your look on a particular day. Sometimes, an unorganized application can lead to a messy look. Some chunks may freeze on some lashes, making them look ugly.

Step 1

An old, unutilized mascara can cause a clumpy, caked-up look that can lead to irritation. Make sure you buy mascara that is waterproof and smudge-free. Make sure you have enough space between the bristles of your mascara applicator. Hair such as this goes between each lash for a more natural look. It covers each one. Apply mascara too thickly on your lashes to create clumps.

Step 2

Make sure you don’t leave any liquid residue on your mascara applicator. This can cause excess liquid to stick to the lashes and make it difficult to apply mascara. Make sure to get rid of any fluid from the edges of the bottle. This will ensure that your mascara wand has a layer that coats the lashes beautifully and makes you look gorgeous.

Start at the roots and work your way up, wriggling the wand from side to side. You can remove clumps by working your lashes in an almost zig-zag motion. This technique works best if your lashes are still slightly wet. Make sure to do the zig-zag movement right after applying your mascara. This will define your lashes without clumping. The mascara should be used near the roots, not at the tips, to create the illusion of length.

Step 3

If your lashes still look clumped after applying the mascara, you should keep a makeup removal pad. It is essential to get rid of any remnants of the disaster as soon as possible so that it doesn’t dry out. Wipe your lashes with the makeup remover pad at 60 degrees. You will be able to remove all mascara and leave your eyeshadow intact.

Use a paper towel to dry your lashes. Tissues will stick to the lashes, while a towel absorbs moisture. For perfect blinkers, apply mascara again to your lashes using gentle but firm strokes. Close your eyes, place the mascara wand at the base of the lashes and pull the mascara through to eliminate clumps.

To comb your lashes, you can use a toothbrush. This will ensure that any excess product is removed quickly.

There is no problem with makeup. Why endure the pain of clumpy eyelashes? They not only block your vision, but they also ruin your appearance. Now that you can fix clumpy eyelashes, what’s stopping you? Take a look at the tips mentioned above and tricks to get started. Makeup should enhance your appearance and define your features. Don’t let makeup ruin your day! It is essential to apply mascara with care and precision.

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