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You’ve probably guessed we’re all about perfume layering. There’s nothing more satisfying than being asked, what are you wearing? and then replying, “Oh, it’s just my blend.” …” If you’re not acquainted with the science (yes, art) of mixing perfumes, it’s not a revolutionary, new method. It’s an old-fashioned beauty practice that has been practiced for a long time within Middle Eastern culture and is the process of mixing multiple scents to create your distinctive smell. In terms of what’s the “appropriate” quantity of fragrances you can mix, it’s a matter of taste, and Cady Heron said once:

Then again, Mona Kattan, our resident perfume queen and the designer behind the KAYALI’s perfume line, can put on up to three or four scents simultaneously… It’s a lot! Because the sharing of love is caring for all, we’ve rounded some of our most loved KAYALI-inspired fragrance fusions to ensure that all you KAYALI lovers can enjoy the scent of decadent sweets during the summer.

MAJOR Tropical Vibes: KAYALI Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21, $138, and Lancome La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal Eau de Parfum, $135

This duo will give you an overload of coconut in the most perfect way. The Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 $138 blends the tastiest flavors of coconut milk, Bourbon vanilla sandalwood, and delicate white flowers. It’s a great match with Lancome’s vanilla and coconut with pink pepper; you’ll smell delicious.

Spice Up Your Life: KAYALI Invite Only Amber | 23, $138, and Dossier Ambery Cherry, $49

A few words for this combination? Inspiring, captivating, and bold. This is the combination you choose for your sexually attractive first date. The juiciness of Black cherry, tobacco leaves, cacao hazelnuts, the resin of amber, and vanilla are the main harmony that makes up the invite-only Amber 23, $138. Mixing it with Dossier’s delicious almond, cherry, and cinnamon blend will smell like a walk-in cherry-almond cinnamon roll. Y.U.M.

Candy Apple Delight: KAYALI Eden Juicy Apple | 01 and KAYALI Vanilla | 28 $118 each

This scent is a popular TikTok fan favorite. The fresh feminine, fruity, and feminine character from the Eden Juicy Apple | 01 $118 will bring you a lot of compliments on its own; however, if you genuinely need to be noticed and attract attention, combine this with sprays in the vanilla $118. The primary rule of scent layering is to apply the most aromatic scent first and then use the lightest scent. Start with Vanilla 28, $118 (including vanilla orchids, tonka beans, amber woods, and brown sugar). Then, top it by applying Eden Juicy Apple | 01 $118 (an explosion of red apple, blackcurrant, grapefruit, and pink, as well as lychee along with wild and wild-colored berries) for the most heavenly fragrance that is mouthwatering and delicious.

A Cherry & Vanilla Bomb: KAYALI Vanilla | 28, $118, and ZARA Cherry Smoothie, $26

Mona said this scent is “sweet, seductive, mysterious and decadent.” Zara’s Cherry Smoothie, priced at $26, is the perfect scent for spring and summer. That is a lively and fruity delight with notes of plum, cherry almond, vanilla, and tonka beans. You can add the scent of our 28, $118, to the mix to add dimension and an additional dose of vanilla. The smell that emerges is warm and deliciously smooth with a slightly boozy tang that’s simply delicious.

For The Boujee Baddies: KAYALI Vanilla | 28, $118, and Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540, $325

The scent is genuinely WEALTH. It’s to wear on events or occasions for those who plan to make large-scale decisions. This scent, the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 $325, is a fantastic unisex blend that perfectly balances spice, woodiness, and sweetness. Despite its rich scent of amber wood, ambergris, fir resin, and cedar remain surprisingly light. Mix it with our 28 $118 for more richness and delicate sweetness that’s divine.

A Modern-Day Love Potion: KAYALI Invite Only Amber | 23, $138, and Dior Ambre Nuit, $310

Intoxicating, hypnotic, and seductive is what this is. The Dior Ambre Nuit, $310, is another unisex beauty we cannot get enough of. It comprises a massive dosage of amber blended with a lavish sprinkle of Turkish rose. It’s a warm and cozy scent that is warm right from the first spray. Add this to Our Invitation Only Amber, priced at $138, and you’ll walk away with the most seductive scent. It’s the same thing in a bottle coated with notes of honey, black cherry (from Provence, France), Damask rose, and amber resin — a blend that stops people dead in their tracks.

Big Regal Energy: KAYALI Vanilla | 28, $118, and Parfums De Marly Delina, $335

The combination was spotted often on TikTok and is worthwhile. For those who love flowers, get ready for a floral, creamy explosion. Parfums De Marly Delina $335 showcases notes of bergamot and litchi, Turkish rose, peony, and vanilla. It also has an intense base of cashmere, cedar, and incense. Add this to our Vanilla 28, $118, to experience more fantastic decadence and musky.

To learn more about fragrance layering, read our extensive article here.

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