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Instead, dab and blend this brightening data-vars-ga-call around the inner corner of your eye and right below. This brightening concealer can create the illusion of a flatter and less shaded under-eye area. It’s not just a trick: the formula contains moisturizers like squalane, glycerin, and squalane to give you a dewy look. It helps to reflect light, making your bags appear less prominent. It’s the under-eye bag equivalent of contouring cheekbones.

One reviewer writes: “One the best concealers I have used.” It melts into the skin, concealing the red spots and bags under my eyes. It’s super hydrating and doesn’t flake like other concealers I’ve used !”

Consider laser treatment to reduce under-eye bags

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If you can afford to, dermatologist Kenneth Mark MD recommends a fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment for under-eye bags. The “Madonna Eye-lift,” as it is sometimes called (because Madonna had this treatment before), uses a fractional CO2 laser to remove layers of skin under the eyes. This helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It also firms your skin.

You should know the procedure is painful, even if your dermatologist applies a numbing lotion beforehand. It’s also costly (between $600 and $900 for each treatment; some dermatologists recommend two). You’ll also experience some downtime. Your skin may be swollen and inflamed for up to five days.

Use radiofrequency and micro-needling to treat under-eye bags

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Microneedling (RF micro-needling) is one of the most popular treatments for tightening and toning. It uses tiny needles that puncture the skin, stimulating the healing process. RF micro-needling is used under the eyes to reduce dark circles and flatten the under-eye bag. It’s also a costly (and uncomfortable!) option. One treatment can cost anywhere between $600 and $1,100. Most providers recommend at least three treatments for the best results.

My review: After one treatment with Vivace, I noticed a noticeable improvement in the appearance of my skin, particularly under my eyes, where I suffer from hereditary bags under my eyelids. I barely use concealer and only de-puff my under-eye bags with an ice roll when I feel puffy in the mornings.

Reduce your salt intake

If you want to reduce bags under your eyes, you should avoid salty foods and alcohol. Avoid salty foods, and avoid drinking alcohol, if you’re going to reduce the appearance of bags, says Mona Gohara, MD. “Both habits lead to fluid retention,” resulting in a swollen face.

Bequipped Facial ice globes

The refrigerated spoon trick has existed for a long time, but we are glad to have a better tool finally. According to dermatologist Mona Gohara MD, Cryo face tools like these glass conglobes help reduce swelling and inflammation under the eyes. They do this by temporarily shrinking blood vessels within your skin.

Start at the inner corner and glide the globes up to your temples after cleansing your skin. You can also rub them in small circles around your face to get a deep chill. There’s no wrong way. Just wash them periodically with soap and hot water to keep them clean.

THE REVIEWS – “Right away, I felt a lot more freshness in my skin when using the ice globes compared to other beauty tools,” writes one reviewer. They don’t cause me pain or comfort and eel crashing.”

IMAK Compression Eye Pillow and Pain Relief Mask

Sometimes I’d rather have a bowl of salty French fries than a smooth, bright under-eye area. This chilled eye pillow is an eyemask that acts as a compression wrap and an ice pack. It’s in my freezer, and I use it to treat under-eye puffiness. I slip on the eye mask and nap until the pillow warms up. The show is less effective than straight ice at de-puffing, but it still constricts blood vessels and speeds up fluid drainage.

The reviews: “I keep it in my freezer and use it to soothe my eyes in the morning or at night when I’m having trouble sleeping,” writes one reviewer.

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