Purple blush on fair skin

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If you have yet to hear, purple blush is experiencing a moment. It’s a question of whether it’s just an instant occurrence or whether it will be an everlasting part of the makeup regimens everywhere for years to become a norm. It’s possible to thank TikTok creators such as Rachel Rigler and Kevin Lee for the rise of purple blush to fame as a makeup artist. Following the time that Rigler released a video that demonstrated how to apply the Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze in Moodie Blu on August 31, the Internet took an adventure to test their purple blush.

Lee was among the many TikTok creators who wanted to try the blush in purple for himself. He chose Fenty Beauty’s Cheeks Out Freestyle Blush in Drama Cla$$ and claims to wear it all day long. “[The Fenty blush is] a subtle purple and the perfect shade for fall. I also love how it brings out the green in my eyes,” the makeup artist declares. Lee states that the purple shade will be a constant within his cosmetics collection.

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“I think so many people, like myself, were intimidated by the thought of purple blush,” Rigler informs Allure. “The stereotypical blush is usually pink or red, so people were curious as to what purple would look like when applied as blush.” She attributes the recent surge in purple blush’s popularity to its popular TikTok status, encouraging some app users to purchase and test it.

However, Nudestix’s Blu blush was the red blush that has been the one to convince the Internet on the idea of wearing this baffling shade of the first place makeup professionals Joseph Carrillo and Nydia Figueroa both affirm that there are other alternatives to the one that was a hit on TikTok. There are pink blushes available made with every skin shade in mind.

Figueroa suggests using Clinique’s Cheek-Pop Blush Pansy Pop to get fair-toned skin. “This blush is great for a fair complexion because it creates just a kiss of color on the cheeks,” Figueroa explains. “This is a powder formula, so I love using a fluffy blush and applying this on the apples of the cheeks for a pop of color.” (We love Sephora’s Pro Blush Brush in #96. It has recently won the 2021 Best of Beauty Award.) Due to its light lavender color, the designer says it’s excellent “for everyday wear.”

Carrillo believes that the original Internet-preferred product, Nudestix’s Nudies Matte Blush and Bronze Moodie Blu, is best for those with more profound and medium skin tones searching “for a bolder cream [blush] option.” When applying more vibrant colors, Carrillo prefers to use a vast fluffy brush like his preferred Chanel Powder Brush 100.6 “to start off light,” according to how the man says. “I start with a larger fluffy brush that has a bit of a point to it because it’s not as dense and deposits color softly and more airbrushed than a dense, smaller brush,” Carrillo says.

Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze in Moodie Blu

Figueroa claims that Fenty Beauty’s Cheeks Out Freestyle Blush Drama Cla$$ is also suitable for medium tones, especially for people with yellow tones. “It is fun and vibrant but because this is a cream formula, [you should] start off light and build more intensely,” she advises. She prefers to apply her fingertips on the top points of cheekbones “to give the face a beautiful lift.”

While Carrillo feels that Nudestix’s blush suits darker complexions, Figueroa is partial to Danessa Myricks’s Vision Flush Blush in Grape. “This berry-purple blush is incredible on a deeper complexion,” she says. “It has a beautiful pigment that is buildable and can be used on the eyes, lips, and cheeks for a monochromatic feel.” It is suggested to dab the blush onto the skin using the supplied wand and then “pressing on the cheeks using your fingertips.”

Danessa Myricks Vision Flush Blush in Grape

If you’re looking for a pink blush that you can make yourself, Carrillo and Figueroa advise choosing a shade of purple that’s appropriate for your skin shade. For instance, they recommend those with fair skin tones pick a blush with a “pale” or “lavender” appearance, whereas Figueroa states that skin tones with medium-to-dark complexions should look at “pure purple” colors. According to Carrillo, deep skin tones should opt for purple blushes with a “more mauve or plum” color.

There must be a way to ensure the hype around the purple blush disappears shortly. If you’d like to test it yourself, make sure you run — and don’t walk to grab the last of it before it’s gone.

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