Shaving my face ruined my life

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Many celebrities and beauty gurus are putting razors on their faces to smooth and exfoliate their skin, allowing for a more straightforward makeup application.

As per Kate Sommerville, the famous celebrity facialist and skin care expert, many of her popular clients are enjoying the benefits of shaving their faces, although she doesn’t reveal who. The ad’s not new, however.

A common rumor about beauty is that women have been shaving their faces going back to Cleopatra, and the fashion trend is becoming more popular because of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. I’m always trying to increase my makeup game and attain a more radiant appearance, so I decided to give the idea a go.

My facial hair was never a problem until recently.

Recently, I noticed larger, longer hairs on the lower part of my jawline and cheeks. Although the hairs weren’t black or anything I’d think of as usual, they were visible and caused me to feel self-conscious.

Also, I tend to get dry patches of flaky skin, which is too sensitive to facial scrubs. I thought shaving might be a gentler method to eliminate some flaky skin.

I chose to go through the process using the blank slate with an open-minded mind; therefore, I didn’t search for videos on techniques, tricks, or tips. I used my regular Harry’s razor, but I changed the head and washed the blades before cleaning any residue that was not visible. My husband was carrying a shaving cream lotion combination, so I decided to protect my skin.

After several minutes of close inspection of my facial hair and a lengthy internal debate about whether or not I’d regret it later, I decided to take care of my chin, cheeks, upper lip, and jawline. I’m conscious of my eyebrows and did not want to risk a shaving blade slipping across my forehead.

I applied the shaving cream concoction and worked on my cheeks first since they’re the flat part of my face.

I was a bit wary as I suffer from cystic acne that causes considerable lumps in my skin, especially around my cheeks. I didn’t want to nick one and create another acne-related mark on my skin. Therefore, I decided to do the time to do it slowly and gently. After feeling more confident after not cutting off my entire face and cutting myself, I completed my whole look.

Maybe the shaving cream mix made my face look more savage, or perhaps I was unaware of the amount of dead skin and facial hair I had; however, the amount of hair that fell off was staggering.

It was also uncomfortable, especially on my cheeks close to my ear’s lower part. I didn’t think my facial hair could be at the same level as what the razor was removed. I was shocked.

I washed my face with warm water before applying my usual moisturizer to my skin. I also sprayed more of it on the areas I just cut. As I applied the cream to my moisturizer, I noticed how soft and clear my skin appeared. There was some irritation, particularly around my acne. However, I wasn’t a whole tomato; I was pretty satisfied.

After shaving, I noticed my makeup didn’t stay on as evenly.

It was apparent that the makeup wouldn’t stick and was the same after shaving.

My foundation application was the same as I usually do, using my brush in a circular direction. Aside from the absence of tiny hairs or even dead skin, I didn’t notice much that I could expect it to stick to. I continued my treatment in the same way as usual.

My makeup usually holds up reasonably well and doesn’t begin to melt or fade until much later in the evening or daytime. But after shaving, it appeared my makeup wasn’t able to adhere in the same way or for as long as it had previously, which was a bit of an issue. My makeup started to fade within a couple of hours and appeared streaky after shaving.

After removing my makeup, I noticed bumps on my mouth and chin.

After returning home, I washed and cleaned my face and was shocked to find tiny bumps of rashes that looked like a rash around my chin and mouth. I’m not usually prone to acne-like rashes on my face, particularly around my mouth, which is why I was worried.

After a little anxious research, I came across the blog of blogger Brye Ashley who had a negative experience shaving her face. The issues she had to face were a lot more severe than those I was facing; however, at one point, she displayed a photo of her face that appeared like what I was experiencing. Her bumps didn’t surface until a few days following her facial shaving, so I was unsure why mine appeared at this point. I put on hydrocortisone as Ashley advised and hoped for the most effective.

The bumps remain. However, my husband, with his eyes off of his playing video games — assures me that he can’t be able to see them.

We’ll check out what the dermatologist has to say.

The bottom line is that I will not repeat this. While my skin’s smoothness was ,terrific the bumps and reality that the makeup wasn’t as efficient were enough for me to say goodbye to shaving my facial hair. The next time I want flawless skin, I’ll getliation for my face.

If you’re planning to shave facial hair, I recommend trying a small patch of skin before you decide what your skin’s reaction is. Many people have very few adverse effects; however, for some, such as Ashley and me, there are unanticipated issues. It is always advisable to speak to an expert dermatologist for any concerns or concerns.

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