The Best Makeup Colors for Blue-Green Eyes

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Choosing the right eyeshadow shades for your beautiful eyes can be challenging, especially if they are blue-green. The good news is that this unique eye color can be striking and even more appealing with the right eye shadow. Eye makeup for blue-green eyes can be made in various colors, including brown and blue.

The Best Makeup for Blue-Green Eyes

Va-Va-Voom Violet:

Blue-green eyes go well with any shade of purple. To create an elegant effect, apply a lighter, more romantic shade of purple to the center of your eyelid. Tarina Tarantino’s Jewel Eye Shadow Palette in Fantastical and Guerlain 6 Couleurs are our favorites. Both the warm colors are a big help in popping your eyes without being too loud.

British actress Alice Eve is known for her beautiful blue-green eyes. Due to heterochromia, her left eye is blue, and her right is green, she has heterochromia.

Tip To get the best results, avoid smoky effects and limit your eyeshadow to your eyelids.

Pretty pink:

The pink eye shadows are a great option for subtle effects for ladies. This super-femme color can deepen your blue-green eyes and look sophisticated and flawless if blended correctly.

Tip Rub a little bit of Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments Pink Rebel on your eye sockets. Blend the monochromatic shade well. This look is glamorous and ethereal. It’s both bright and smoky.

Be bold

Blue-green eyes are magical when they’re exposed to blue hues. Daunting? Don’t be intimidated! Contrary to popular belief, blue eyeshadow can be used on blue-green eyes as long as you use the right combination. Even if the color is from the same family, you can still experiment with mixing it with a lighter shade.

This tone is perfect for your beautiful eye color. We love Urban Decay Kiddie Pool in Ocean Blue – which will enhance your features even more. You can add textures to either of the shades. You can make your eyes stand out by choosing a matte or glitter shade.

Delicious Bordeaux:

We recommend a Bordeaux tone if you’re tired of dull, dark shades that can be harsh on your beautiful eyes. Bordeaux is bold, classy, and has a soft, softer appearance. It’s excellent for blue-green eyes because it adds warmth and creates a more sophisticated look. The color is perfect for anyone who wants a glistening effect similar to brown but less dark than black. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow palette in Currant Desire is an excellent choice for creating a unique but sophisticated effect.

Paris Jackson is an American musician and model. She is Michael Jackson’s daughter and has beautiful green eyes.

Beautilicious Brown:

Simple can be beautiful. Brown eyeshadow is the best choice for a flattering and versatile look. You can look sophisticated and elegant with a touch of the warm Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette color brown. The sexy eyeshadow can be paired with minimal makeup and strawberry lipstick.

Daring Berry

You can make your blue-green eyes sparkle with a splash of red on the lids and a dark contour in the crease.

Take MAC Cranberry, a medium-dark burgundy with a frost finish, for a beautiful day-to-night look. Apply the color evenly to the eyes. Two coats of mascara are all you need to get started.

Infographic: Simple but stylish makeup colors for blue-green eyes

Are you blessed with blue-green eyes but don’t have the time or patience to create eye makeup looks that are truly unique? We can help you find the easiest colors to use. These colors will instantly lift your face, and you won’t have to do much. Scroll down to see the infographic.

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