What is 2A Type Hair? What are the best ways to take care of it?

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These 2A hairstyles have flawless locks and a hint of a tangle. These braids will leave you in awe on a beach day. Although 2A hair appears thin and delicate at first, it is full-bodied, making it look stunning. This article will tell you everything you need about type 2A hair.

What is 2A Type Hair?

Did you know that hair type is determined primarily by the hair follicle? When the hair follicle is slightly bent, it forms wavy hair. There are many hair types ranging in length from 1A to 4C. Type 2 hair is wavy.

You have 2A hair if your hair is straight from the roots to the ends and falls into softly tangled waves. This hair type can be described as curly but not straight. The slight S-shaped bends provide a natural bounce and body.

How to Care for Type 2A Hair

  • You should use products that are suited to your hair’s curly texture. Wavy hair may not have as much frizz as curly hair, but it still needs some control. You should invest in frizz-control products.
  • Wavy hair needs more moisture than straight hair but less than curly hair. It is essential to choose products explicitly made for wavy hair. Some crucial products for wavy hair include volumizers and moisturizing masks.
  • Oil your hair every other week with oils that enhance your hair texture. For wavy hair, coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and argan oil are best. Oiling your hair too often can cause it to become weighed down and fall apart. You are oiling your hair an hour to two hours before shampooing is a good idea. This will prevent your hair from looking greasy. This helps moisturize your hair and keeps the shampoo from drying it out.
  • Do not shampoo your hair daily. Dr. Anna Chacon is a double-board-certified dermatologist who says that this type of hair is flat at its root, and people might be inclined to shampoo it daily to give it some lift. However, this behavior could have unintended textural effects.
  • Heat-styling tools can damage your hair, like curling irons and straighteners. Your wavy hair can be left unstyled because it still has its natural bounce and body.
  • Instead of heavy creams or oil-based products that can cause wavy hairs to become drier, opt for light hair products such as mousses, mousses, and serums.
  • Regular trims are essential as wavy hair can be easily split.

How to Style 2A Type of Hair

  1. Although 2A hair is naturally styled, you could always get a 1.5-inch curling tool. This gives your hair a more polished look and adds volume to the waves.
  2. Use heat styling tools frequently, and apply heat protectant before you start. Protect your hair from heat damage caused by straighteners and curling irons with heat protectants.
  3. Apply a curl-defining product to your hair to improve the look. Next, use your hands to scrunch your hair. To seal your hair, you can use a finishing spray.
  4. Although 2A hair is naturally whole, it can look thin and delicate. You can improve your hair’s natural body by using a volumizing product.
  5. You can also braid your hair overnight to add volume and texture to your waves. Let your hair air dry until it becomes damp. Divide your hair into two sections and braid them. Your hair will look looser the tighter your braids are.
  6. Frizz-control serums and mousses are great for wavy hair. They reduce frizz and increase static. A detangling serum is essential to prevent hair damage and breakage while styling or combing wavy hair.
  7. Dry shampoo is a good option. Regular hair washing is necessary for wavy hair. If you use shampoos too often, your hair can become dry and damaged. Use a dry shampoo to reduce excess sebum and give your hair texture.
  8. Instead of using styling creams and gels for your hair, use a styling mousse or foam. Hair can look greasy and heavy with styling gels and creams.
  9. Concentrated heat from a blow dryer can cause severe heat damage to your hair. Use a diffuser to dry your hair when drying it with a blow dryer. It spreads the hot water evenly and protects you from heat damage.
  10. Instead of drying your hair with a terrycloth towel or rubbing it dry, you can use a soft cotton towel to pat or scrunch your hair. This will prevent wavy hair from getting damaged, frizzy, or tangled.
  11. Wrap your hair in a thin cotton T-shirt or a satin scarf before bed. This will prevent your hair from getting frizzy or tangled.

It would help if you also used heat protectants on fine hair 2A. Make sure to use the lowest heat setting. To protect your hair, air dry it as little as possible.

It is essential to embrace your natural hair texture, but there are no rules against curlier hair. Continue reading to learn how.

How to make your hair curlier

There are many options to curl your 2A wavy hair:

  • Use a curl-defining product to dampen hair. Once it is dry, wrap it in a T-shirt. You will get loose curls by not using heat.
  • Temporarily curl your hair using a curling iron or hot rollers.
  • Use a blow dryer and a round brush to enhance the wave structure.
  • A perm is a permanent solution that changes the structure and cuts your hair.


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