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Charlotte Tilbury, a legendary Hollywood makeup artist, is well-known for her makeup expertise and luxurious line. You can also learn beauty tips from the artist’s YouTube channel. Here are seven makeup tips I’ve learned from watching her videos.

Hydrate your skin before applying makeup

Charlotte prepares the skin using a sheet mask and cream before applying makeup to her clients. She says it makes the skin glow and plump. It is essential to hydrate the skin under your eyes and make sure it doesn’t appear shriveled. Because she’s a proponent of skincare, even her primer contains hyaluronic acids. This helps achieve the smooth, healthy glow associated with her beauty.

Charlotte’s Magic Cream, one of the leading products in her brand, is a moisturizing face cream.

No matter which moisturizer you choose, it would be best to always massage your face with a cream that hydrates before applying makeup. This will smooth out flakes and provide a base for your makeup.

Always sharpen your eye pencil

Charlotte is known for her “feline flick,” so it only makes sense that she would be the queen cat-eyes. Her videos reveal that Charlotte always sharpens the pencil tip until it is pointed before applying winged eyeliner. Using a sharp pencil is essential because it can quickly become dull. This will make the wing look short and not thick and blunt.

Blend with your fingertips – they are the best tools

The warmth of your fingers helps products melt into the skin and make it look natural. Even powders can sink deeper into the skin when fingers are warm. If something is on your skin, you can use your fingers to blend it in. It can even be true with eyeshadow!

When contouring or bronzing, “follow the hollow.”

The “follow the hollows” tip is the most uncomplicated contouring technique. It is trendy, but we need to remember it when sculpting cheekbones. Set your medium-sized powder brush above the cheek hollows to create the contour line. Blend it up and along the contour line. Apply bronzer to the center of your face using a large, fluffy brush.

To blend shadow, “nestle your brush in the eyelid’s crease and move it back and forth like a windshield washer.”

Many people do not know how to blend their eyeshadow. Charlotte’s trick is simple but effective. Applying a brown or flesh tone to the crease will create a natural transition from eyeshadow to skin. Follow this brush technique: “Nestle your brush in the crease and blend in a windshield-wiper motion.”

Highlight the inner corners of the eye with a highlighter.

A bright highlighter at the inner corners will complete any eye look. Using a small brush, Charlotte applies a pale shimmery eyeshadow in a ” shape around the tear ducts. Charlotte uses a small eyeshadow brush to apply a pale shimmery shadow in formation around the tear ducts. This helps open the eyes, making them appear more expansive and balancing the depth.

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