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You can create endless looks, no matter your age or features. When you have hooded eyelids, your options are limited, especially with eyeliner.

You have a small amount of space visible on the lid of your phone. It usually occurs because your upper skin covers most of your mobile top. Others develop this format with age. Over time, our skin loses its elasticity and collagen.

It’s a common misconception that you can’t wear eyeliner if you have hooded or rounded eyes. Applying eyeliner over hooded-looking eyes is more complicated and keeps them smudge-free. There are a few fail-proof tips, tricks, and products to make life easier. You will have a perfect eyeliner that won’t transfer.

Everyone has a different preference for eyeliner. You may like a smudged look or prefer a more defined liner. It’s essential to ensure you do it in an eye-flattering manner that does not weigh down your eyes. The sky is the limit.

What is the best place to apply eyeliner on hooded eyes?

Using a few simple techniques, you can create a beautiful eyeliner look for hooded or swollen eyes. They all revolve around one idea: make a more significant and lifted eye.

If you want to make more room for eyeshadow, place the liner along the upper edge of the eye. You can also create a subtle line using small strokes on the lid and blending it. Both methods will highlight your lashline and frame the eyes without adding any heaviness.

You should also consider the products you choose. A pencil or gel eyeliner will give a smokey, smudged look. A liquid liner will create a dramatic effect. Use transfer-proof, long-lasting products. A hooded eye is an excess skin that will easily smudge the eyeliner.

Does eyeliner make hooded eyes look even smaller?

If you use too much eyeliner, it can make the eyes appear smaller. When you have excess skin on your lid, an intense eyeliner can make it look like the cover is even heavier. This makes the eyes look closed and is not flattering.

You can also tighten your upper waterline or draw a thin line along your lash line. See below for more information on my eyeliner technique for hooded eyes:

Create a transfer-proof base

Eyeliner is more likely to smudge on a hooded lid. Eyeliner can quickly transfer from the lower top to the upper one because of the excess skin that hangs over your lashline area. It is important to use waterproof eyeliner and create a smudge-proof base.

Use a silicone primer to cover your entire eyelid. This will create an oil barrier between your makeup and the natural oils in the skin. This will make the eyeliner less likely to “bleed” or move. You should also use transfer-proof eyeliners (liquid or gel eyeliner) and wait until the eyeliner has wholly dried before opening your eye.

Start with a small amount of product

It is easier to add more product than remove it. This is especially true with eyeliner. Consider adding more eyeliner to achieve the perfect line. However, this can lead you to panda-like eyes.

Try creating small lines along your lashline by using back-and-forth motions. You can then go over the edge and make it straight. Keep it close to the lash line. You can always smudge the color of your eyeshadow over the liner if you don’t think it is perfect. This will give you a smokey, sultry appearance that could be just what you’re looking for.

Keep your eyeliner in the middle

Sometimes, hooded eyes may be lowered. The outer corner of the eyes will be visible, pointing downwards. This creates an unflattering droopy appearance. We want a lifted appearance, which will give you a youthful and rested look.

A heavy lid causes this downturned appearance. It makes you appear older and tired. You should not follow the downward line, as this will highlight the droopiness. You are stopping your eyeliner just before this line will create an artificial lift to the eye. Eyeshadow will also make your eyes appear more awake.

Draw a thin line on the upper eyelid

When you have hooded eyelids, your eyeliner application must be adjusted. If you don’t have much space on your mobile lid, a thick line of eyeliner will make it look like you are wearing black all over. It looks good but could be more flattering if you have droopy lids.

Try a thin line starting at the outer edge of your eyelid. Do not make the line thicker, but only trace your lash line. Finish with a diminutive upward-facing winger for a subtle, lifted look.

Always Apply Winged Eyeliner with Your Eyes Wide Open

Drawing a winged liner with your eyelids closed can look good. It can appear well-placed when your eyes are closed. However, the line may be too low or in the skin folds once you open them.

The best results will come from applying your winged eyeliner in front of you. You can then see where to place the wing for a lifting effect and to make your eyes look wispier. It’s essential to look at yourself with open eyes and not closed.

Create an eyeliner look with a C shape

Drawing a line may be easier if you have many folds of skin where the outer corner ends. You can achieve a winged effect with a simple trick.

Open your eyes and look straight into the mirror. Draw a straight line starting at the outer corner of the lower lash line and angling it to the end. Create the wing next by connecting the outer eyelid with the extreme wing. Do this while looking straight into the mirror and keeping your eyes open.

Close your eye, and you’ll see that the upper line drawn over the skin crease created a space. Close the gap by drawing a straight line from the upper part to the lash line. The C-shaped shape will appear on the inner part of the eyeliner. To connect the conditions, fill in the formation and draw a thin eyeliner line along the lash line.

Watch the effect when the eyeliner dries. Although the shape of the eyeliner may seem odd, it will appear perfect once you open your eyes. This technique works because a straight line will get lost within the skin folds. The C-shaped line is more complex and will appear to be a rear wing.

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