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Discover our easy and quick guide on how to curl your hair using a straightener.

Do you have to choose between looking EXTRA GLAMM at 8 am or clinging to your covers for five extra minutes in bed? Getting ready every morning should be as easy and stress-free as possible, and learning how to curl hair with a straightener could help you save time and achieve a fresh-out-of-the-salon blow dry from the comfort of your home. Interested? Learn more about our curling straighteners.

We are here to dispel the myth that only the elite can use a straightener to curl their hair. It’s easy for anyone to do. You can do it. You can do it. You go, gal.

Our simple guides will show you two easy and quick hair-curling hacks. You can create complete, voluminous curly hair or flat waves using our step-by-step instructions. The CLOUD NINE Original Iron is one of the most versatile straighteners available.

You’ll be able to master the technique in no time.

P.S. Before you begin, remember our thermal heat protector, Magical Fast Dry Potion. This will ensure that your hair is protected and looks super glossy.

The Best Tips for Curling with Irons

Learning how to curl your hair using a Straightener may seem challenging, but it is much easier than you think.

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to get the curl or wave you want.

Work in small sections to control the Iron and create your curl.

Glide the Iron along the hair while rotating it to create defined curls.

Use a more deliberate and slow motion to achieve a tighter curl.

To get a looser curl, speed up your movement.

Repeat the process on your remaining hair to achieve your desired look.

Allow your curls to cool, then comb them with a wide-toothed comb. This will give you a soft, beautiful circle.

The direction of the curl is fundamental. Always make sure that you curl your hair away from the face.

Flat Wave

You may be a fan of long hair and wonder how to curl it with straighteners, or you might be a cropped queen who wants some inspiration on how to curl your long hair.

Curl short hair using straighteners. Flat waves are chic, easy, and very popular.

Flat waves are a perfect middle ground between straight hair and curled. They create a soft, easy-going look for your hair in no time.


Separate your hair into equal sections.

Start by forming each team into a curvature. Then, alternately work the original Iron along the strand.

Repeat the process until you achieve your desired waves.

After you have finished, run your fingers along the hair to loosen the waves and give them a more natural shape.

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