Silk face mask

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Face masks are now a part of everyday life. The choices have increased. Silk face masks are also rising because many people can’t avoid breakouts and masks. They are incredibly breathable and gentle on the skin. They help shield you from Maskne while also looking stylish. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite silk face masks in Bangkok.


Slip is an international brand known for its high-quality products made of silk and the latest trend in silk face masks. Slip’s Reusable Covering is 100% Mulberry Silk on both sides, with a cotton lining to protect your facial skin. The ear loops, silicone stoppers, and ten replacement nose wires are included.

Luneil Silk

This famous Singaporean brand was born out of pure love of silk. It offers various silk face masks designed to give you a comfortable fit all day. The show comprises four layers of premium silk that protect and moisturize your skin in any climate. You’ll also receive three PM2.5 filters as an additional shield.


Atlizsilk produces 3D masks made from mulberry silk, which is OEKO-TEX 100 certified. The covers comprise three layers, woven using unique techniques that help filter out airborne particles and droplets of Covid-19. The chin guard provides additional coverage. You’ll receive the Hond Premium hand sanitizer with every purchase.


Silk masks are best for smaller to medium-sized faces. They reduce cosmetic stains and also minimize the accumulation of bacteria and sweat. The 19momme mulberry silk 6A is designed to reduce friction for your sensitive skin.


Lalalove’s designs are modern with a classic Thai touch. Lalalove’s stylish four-layered, breathable facemasks feature straps with laser-engraved metal hardware. They also have a 3D contoured fitting to help you feel and look good. The silk face masks, woven and grown locally, also feature laser-engraved metal hardware. You won’t find them anywhere else.

Everywhere Is Runway

If you love pastels and bright colors, then Everywhere is Runway is a must-see. The masks, made of silk satin, come with matching gloves to keep you cool. Black, navy, beige and pink are among the color options. These quick-drying sheets are great for reusing.


This Thai fashion label is famous among Thai Influencers and celebrities such as Lydia Saranrut, and Rusameekae has endorsed it. Munchu’s Jim Thompson Silk Face Masks is a collection you won’t regret if you are looking for a silk mask that will go with countless outfits. You can sign my name across the heart’ with the pearl chain. It will definitely up your fashion-masque game.

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