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“New year, new me” may be tiring, but do you know what isn’t? A hair change. There are plenty of trendy hair colors to experiment with currently. While the most significant color trends of the past two years were all about natural, pretty takes on super-low-maintenance colors–like undone blonde and cinnamon brown–experts predict 2022 is going to be all about having fun as life starts to return to normal…hopefully, that is.

This doesn’t mean you need to dye your hair a bright pink (but If you’d like to have a go, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for it). Many exciting tales about classic hair color options are also trending. Why should you ask for essential highlights when you could get silver champagne or caramel ribbons? We spoke to the top stylists to get information on the top hair colors to experiment with in the present, ranging from classic blonde to vibrant blue. Here’s what you should take a picture of for your next salon appointment.

Expensive Brunette

In the last year, we’ve seen many celebrities with blonde hair, such as Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, trade in their blonde locks for gorgeous brunette hair color, and we’re expecting to see many more follow in their footsteps in 2022. “Expensive brunette is all about giving deeper hair energy, dimension, and detail,” says hair stylist for celebrities Tom Smith, European creative director of Evo Hair. “It’s quite simple when you want a darker hair color to apply a single hue all over the hair, which can give the same as using an at-home box dye. I believe a professional hair colorist must provide our clients with something they would never achieve at home. So, a costly brunette is about adding interest and detail with a range of darker shades that make the final result more realistic and expensive.”

Suppose you’re considering trying out a more expensive brunette. In that case, Smith says, it’s crucial to use specific words in the salon “The most important thing you should discuss with your stylist is that you shouldn’t have one uniform color across. It’s all about depth and dimension, and therefore, both you and your stylist should decide on the darkest shade and the tiniest you’d like to be able to see in your hair and let the stylist apply shades in the way they see suitable to enhance the look of your cut.”

Golden Copper

Red has also been steadily trending this year and isn’t going anywhere. It’s only getting brighter. This shade is popular among people who want a bold change,” says Jenna Perry, celebrity colorist and owner of NYC’s Jenna Perry Hair. “It’s equal parts sexy and playful.” Remember that red is one of the most challenging shades to maintain, so plan for regular touch-ups and use only color-safe shampoos.

Winter White

Now that salons are open again expect to see brighter blondes popping off this year. “We are loving the retake on this classic bottle blonde look on Anya Taylor-Joy,” says Mark DeBolt, colorist, and co-owner of Mark Ryan Salon. “There is just something about that one-tone, even color that is a high-lift, or double-process, blonde. This color is great for the person that wants to stand out in the crowd—this blonde can transport you back to the glamour of Old Hollywood beauties like Marylyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield.” Though anyone can get to this shade with enough bleach, DeBolt only recommends it for those with lighter natural hair colors since it’s an intense process.


DeBolt says his clients aren’t opting for massive changes this winter; instead, they’re making subtle tweaks to their current shades. “Clients are opting for richer, more dimensional versions of their spring and summer looks,” he says. “For blondes, that may mean adding ribbons of deeper shades of blonde to create more shade-on-shade dimension. This may also include glossing their hair to a deeper, buttery tone or playing with a fashion accent like marigold, peach, or apricot.” For brunettes, he said, adding a gloss to make your color richer, and adding more amber, gold, and “root beer” tones are great options. “Overall, the feeling is warmer, richer, and a more lived-in-looking hair color.”

Brown Balayage

Subtle highlights are a great way to refresh dark hair colors without veering into drastic territory. “Brown balayage gives hair lots of dimension and pop,” says Jamila Powell, owner of Miami’s Maggie Rose Salon. “This color gives a nice, subtle sun-kissed look and works for everyone.” Ask your colorist for varying shades of brown placed throughout your hair for the most dimensional and natural look.

Deep Auburn

DeBolt says he loves deep, rich shades of red, particularly for the colder months ahead. “The richness of these red shades perfectly complements winter looks,” he says. “This looks beautiful on women with deeper skin tones. For someone with brown eyes, red enhances the warm tones. For someone with blue or green tones, it sets the eye color as a contrast and creates a beautiful contrast. Ask for a rich red or brown shade that doesn’t skew too violet. Semi-permanent hair colors are great for this look because they are conditioning and add brilliant shine.”

Subtle Face Frame

Go for a subtle face frame for a softer take on last year’s chunky highlights. A brighter shade around your face will bring all the attention to your eyes without any harsh lines. “A super-effortless face frame with bright headlights and a base drop is a more evolved ombré that’s less contrived and sexier,” says colorist and Matrix ambassador Rachel Bodt. “It’s a great way to add dimensions and not take away from the depth you may love.” To get the look, she suggests asking for a face frame with some color melting and leaving the ends out to keep the brightness.

Glossy Espresso

“This colour is the perfect winter colour for brunettes,” says DeBolt. “It is time to take away those old highlights and brassy ends with an allover rich brunette colour. This can be accomplished by layering different glosses to create a brown that is deep and rich without red tones. Going more one-colour is a dramatic statement that enhances skin tone and eye colour.”

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