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Many cosmetic trends are a thing of the past and fading. However, golden makeup remains timeless thanks to its flexibility. It’s great for any skin tone, and, let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like spreading the shimmering color over your lips, eyes, or cheeks to bring a smile back on an otherwise dull day.

However, gold can be intimidating due to its abundance and striking sparkle. Cosmetic designer Rose Gallagher assures us that applying gold makeup is much easier than you may believe. “You don’t have to look like you’re smothered in glitter,” she recommends starting by slapping a little gold on your lids or a smudge of gold-colored liner along your lash line.

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Eyes aren’t just the one area where you can experiment with gold. Make a lip gilded or apply a gold highlighter on your brow bone and cheeks. According to NYC-based makeup artist Joseph Carrillo, using an absolute gold powder highlighter along your cheeks underneath a blusher or bronzer can create the “perfect sun-gold glow.”

Here are 19 gorgeous gold-colored makeup tips for those occasions you need to shine.

Golden Smoky Eyes

Undecided on what you should pair with your gold eyes shadow? Mix it in with black for a smoky and luminous eye shadow. Makeup artist Kaylinn Bihari layers sharp, winged eyeliner and graphic lines for added drama.

Golden Sunset

For striking eye makeup such as this, apply the eye shadow of yellow gold (such as the color Gold from the Makeup by Mario’s Master Metals Palette) on your lids using a dense brush. If you’d like to boost the impact of your color and blend your eye’s pigment make sure to add drops of mixing liquid (for example, the Mehron mixing drink).

Center Sparkle

To create a look that is the center stage at any time, Apply gold glitter in the middle of the lid and the lower lash line. It’s an attractive feature to a soft natural or peach-colored cover.

Luxe Lashes

If you’re into making up your makeup look and makeup, then you’ll be awed by this look from Taylor Ruhe. With a cat-eye look and dramatic lower lashes, Taylor Ruhe was created using gold eyeliner.

Bejeweled Gold

The gold eye shadow you wear doesn’t need to be dazzling to stand out. Mix it with chocolate shades and then add Euphoria-esque accessories to create an earthy appearance with a flair.

Glimmering Inner Corners

Complete a simple eye shadow with some gold tacks on the outer corner of your eye. The shimmer areas may seem small, but they’re huge.

Sultry, Bronzed Eyes

Make sure you’re ready for date night with this makeup look created by makeup artist Caoimhe Duggan that blends bronze pigment and gold eye shadow.

Gold Gradient

Whether you’re going to a celebration or the grocery store, this hue of gold will get you a few “oohs” and “aahs.” Makeup artist Stephanie Ponce blends shades of gold to create an earthy shimmer that tapers to a sharp cat eye.

Gilded Brows

Not sure if you are ready for the bleached eyebrows trend? We don’t blame you. If you want to explore a new look for your eyebrows, you can try this gold-colored look that is achievable with only makeup. Blend loose gold pigment with a few drops of mixing media to make an even formula that you can apply to your eyebrows ( soap brow style) with the Spoolie.

Gold Grunge

This particular makeup includes a gold lid with a smudged underliner. It strikes the perfect balance between vibrant and grungy.

Want more makeup inspiration? Watch Huda Beauty founder Huda Kattan’s glam routine:

Opulent Eyes

Makeup artist for the wedding Sarah Regnier argues for wearing gold eyeshadow during your special day. The gold-colored eye look with a high shine adds a unique accent to the soft glam.

Shimmering Halo

Want to add a little gold to your wedding’s mood board? This gold-halo eye makeup looks gorgeous and perfectly matches the bride’s outfits.

Gold Accents

This is a further instance of how gold could be integrated into a delicate makeup appearance. The makeup creator Saba Khan wears the shade on her lids. It perfectly matches her glossy lips and the natural texture of her skin makeup.

Smoky Shapes

Make your smoky eye go to a new level with this style, which has lines around the outer and inner corners, made of darker eyeshadow.

Disco Lids

Do away with shadows and shimmers and instead opt for large glitters. Applying a gold highlighter to your cheekbones and brows will leave you sparkling like a disco ball.

Glitzy Lips

You can apply a gloss coat with gold glitter dots over your lipstick for glamour and shine. This style features the raspberry color. However, Carrillo suggests that you wear gold glitter over the top of neutral shades. “I use a Q-tip to dab on Pat McGrath EYEdol Eyeshadow in Gold Standard — barely enough to kiss the Cupid’s bow — and blend it out so that it’s a subtle, soft wash.”

Sunset Makeup

Gold highlighters can add “oomph” to makeup that’s already glowing. Take this makeup look that’s a shade of sunset enhanced by sparkling gold highlights across the lids and cheeks.

Go for Gold

MAC makeup artist for cosmetics Fatima Thomas has created a stunning monochromatic gold makeup style with a gold hue that is visible around the inner corner of your eyes and lips.

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