Curated ear piercing

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The duration of the earrings is among the newest fashion trends to hit the runway. With multiple earrings on different piercings, each ear curated is stunning in its manner. This fantastic way of expressing yourself differs from person to person, and the appeal lies in the individuality of each design. Explore the different styles and get inspired to design your curated ear.


The curated ear can be described as an ear with numerous piercings and a range of earrings. The main characteristic of an ear curated by a curator is that they are different. The kinds of earring earrings selected, how many individuals have, and the type of earring they choose to wear. From beautiful and bold curvatures of the ear to minimalist and sleek designs, this style has much potential.


Ensuring you have curated ear piercings is an initial step of curation for your ears. While our ears may appear small, there are plenty of places to pierce. Determining what ear piercings you want before visiting the studio is a good idea. The most sought-after options include:

Lower lobe Piercings are often the first piercings people get; lower lobe piercings are located in the most fleshy portion of your ear.

Higher lobe Piercings, often called seconds or thirds higher lobe. The piercings are located higher within the lobe. However, they are located ahead of the cartilage.

Helix perforations, also called cartilage piercings or Helix piercing, are given to any piercing located within the upper cartilage region within the ear.

Tragus Piercings These piercings pass through the thick cartilage in front of an ear canal.

Pick from various curated ear piercings and other options to realize your ideas. Visit our premium ear-piercing salons, and we can guide you through the procedure. We’ll also assist you in picking the perfect pieces to start your ears party.


When your ear piercings are healed, style can be reintroduced. You can make an ear that matches whatever type you want to achieve. From classic elegance to stylish and trendy, the look is possible. The trick is to tailor it to your tastes and choose an ear like you. Here are a few different styles to get you started.


Minimalist jewelry uses essential pieces, not statements, to create a stylish style. The look evokes casual elegance without being extravagant. Make your ear look more minimalist by selecting softer earrings like the Pebble Studs and the star earrings. You could add a diamante marquise stud for an additional shine. This will give the minimalist ear an elegant and effortless feel. One of the best aspects of the minimalist curated hearing aid is the ease with which it can change your mood. This style is always pleasing, from brunch with friends to a romantic evening with a significant other,


The ear with a cluster of piercings can be an excellent alternative if you’re not sure about having the cartilage cut. As the name implies, the earring clusters closely to each other in the ear lobe. This style can look stylish when the earrings of all hoops are worn. For instance, take the pearl huggie stack of earrings for example and the Green Onyx Huggie Stack. With the earrings being so close together, they create a stunning visual. You can also opt for the option of a gradient instead. These earrings become smaller as they climb higher in the lobe. If you’re only beginning your journey to piercing, starting with a cluster of earrings within the lobe is ideal. It is possible to add more carefully crafted ear piercings later!


A look that is perfect for those who love hoop earrings, this specially curated earring includes hoops. However, that does not mean that the eye is restricted. The earrings above can be worn to create a simple style or an imposing statement. It depends on the earrings you pick. Make a statement with a triple wave hug in a helix-shaped that pierces. Bring a splash of color by wearing large earrings made of gemstones. Stay stylish with coordinated diamond earrings that hoop. You can even make an original style by mixing different metals. Because you’re matching the earring design, it’s possible to combine sterling silver with solid gold without causing the appearance of a clash.


Make your curated earpiece the center of attention in your outfit by wearing an array of striking earrings. This bold look will draw attention and shine. Try mixing earrings made of gemstones with large hoops. You can also embrace the rainbow with colorful Huggies. It is possible to consider the possibility of chains or studs to add a different dimension to your ensemble. In the art of ear curation, creativity is absolutely no limit. The impact doesn’t have to be limited to your ears. Bring the entire ensemble together with striking jewelry or stunning jewelry pendant.


Our jewelry is created out of environmentally friendly materials and ethically sourced stones. Therefore, whether you’re making an elegantly curated earring or one with a bold statement and you want to stand out, our earrings are the ideal option. Every gorgeous pair comes with Positive Luxury certification. This means they’ve been created without damaging environmental impact. We also follow this principle of the Kimberley Method and only use authentic diamonds in all of our jewelry. Explore our collection and discover pieces you’ll love for many years.

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