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From CeraVe’s Hydrating Cleanser to Elvive’s Dream Lengths Wonder Water, TikTok has brought numerous lesser-known cosmetics to the forefront of beauty products. The most recent one to take the spotlight? The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide Serum For Hair Density, PS15.80. In actuality, it appears like it’s among the most searched-for hair products lately.

The serum’s light weight is created to change hair’s appearance into something icker, more significant, fuller, and healthier, thanks to many innovative ingredients. It seems that TikTokers cannot take advantage of its benefits for hair growth. Thin hair is a problem I’ve experienced for a while due to hormonal conditions like polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which reduces hair around the temples and hairline. Additionally, I straighten my hair, and I am always looking for ways to strengthen my hair that is concerned. It’s true that hair growth products, conditioners, shampoos, and treatments, haven’t been very effective for my hair in the past. Still, after hearing the positive reviews about The Ordinary’s serum, I decided to try it.

What is in The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide Hair Density Serum?

In the words of The Ordinary, the formula is based on a technique called the REDENSYL complex. Do not let the name’s obscureness make you feel uneasy, however. It is essentially proteins (otherwise called proteins) that are thought to strengthen and repair hair. Alongside these peptides is caffeine, which the brand claims makes the product easy to absorb into the scalp. It also contains the oil castor that has long been praised by trichologists and experts in hair loss to stimulate hair expansion and thickness when used with regular massages to the scalp. There are also conditioners for hair that increase the softness of hair and the humectants (moisturizing ingredients) such as Glycine.

While the product is advertised as a serum, texture is a lot more thin than water. But don’t underestimate it. It is absorbed into the scalp and doesn’t leave a trace, so it does not feel sticky or greasy within the hair.

How do you use The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide Hair Density Serum?

The leave-in serum should be applied once a day and applied to a dry, clean scalp, and best used at nighttime before bed since it’s believed that hair and skin begin to renew. Because the product contains the oil castor, I intended to take an hour after applying my skincare routine to rub it in my hair roots, hoping to increase the number of hair follicles. It was simple and quick to use compared to other hair growth products I’ve tried, such as the hair masks (which must be washed out) or the oils for your hair (heavy and often sticky in dried hair).

Do The Ordinary’s Multi-peptide Hair Density Serum Function?

Indeed, the after-and-before photos prove it. Although the directions don’t specify the time you can utilize the product, I did notice tiny hairs start to grow from my hair’s roots within two weeks. One month later, my patchy patches were replaced by a flurry of dark hair covering my hair loss patches. Astonished, I scoured the internet for more reviews. A few people claimed to have seen the most improvement when having several bottles; others experienced improvements within three months. Most reviews for Cult Beauty reviewers give five-star ratings across different hair types and ages.

It was a shame that I didn’t feel any changes in my partings that were beginning to thin. However, I put that up to myself, rubbing my hair daily. But my right side is showing apparent growth and thickening as I brush my hairs that are still baby; the thin patches are entirely concealed. Although it was an excellent experience, certain factors, such as genetic and hormonal issues, could impede hair growth. If you’re concerned about your hair’s thinness or making you feel down, it’s a good idea to see your physician, a reputable hair specialist, and a trichologist to get more advice.

What are the top products and treatments to increase hair growth?

It’s not difficult to see that The Ordinary’s Multipeptide Serum is an innovation. However, Dr. Nilofer Farjo from the Farjo Institute says other remedies can be used to manage hair loss and increase hair density. “Finasteride in tablet form is probably the most effective medicine for strengthening hair and halting further loss,” she describes. “Another popular treatment is minoxidil, widely known as Regaine, which is applied as a foam or lotion.” Minoxidil can be bought from a variety of pharmacies and at Boots. The Farjo Institute’s Dr. Bessam Farjo says they are the only FDA or MHRA-approved medication for treating patterned hair loss. While certain products might advertise hair growth, they’re likely to be supported by the same amount of research as the abovementioned treatments, but it’s ultimately up to individual preference.

What are the pros and cons of supplements for hair? “The problem with supplements is that you could walk down the aisle of most chemists and find an array of supplements promising to help hair loss,” Dr. Bessam. “But the truth is, this is an area of the market where unfortunately you might see a lot of overpromising and perhaps miss-selling.” Dr. Nilofer confirms this: “There is a definite place for these non-prescription products as part of your hair loss treatment regimen, as long as you appreciate it is more of a support role.” Also, it is essential to note that supplements for hair won’t fix the problem, but they could be the perfect alternative to leave-in treatments like The Ordinaries. “Supplements are also a good option if hair loss is at a very early stage, or the objective is to improve the quality of existing hairs,” adds Dr. Nilofer. Regarding products to consider, the Farjo Hair Institute rates the Help hair vitamins, Viviscal Pro Tablets, and Florisene tablets. The latter can be beneficial for women with an iron deficiency. Also, it is crucial to talk with your GP or a hair specialist for any concerns or concerns regarding hair growth.

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