Curly Shag Haircut

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You know what it is like to have curly hair. Every shower has the problem of spending lots of time and product styling and defining each coil or risking a curly head.

Curls can be a gift when they behave. The most important thing to manageable and beautiful curls is the haircut. The best haircuts to curl hair shape your hair in a way that naturally falls in the best way. This will allow your curls to fall naturally in the most natural way. We have nine top-rated haircuts for curly hair.

Voluminous Bob

Spino is a fan of the voluminous bob cut on super curly hair. The bob haircut is great for curl enhancement. It will give you long curly hair. Diffuse your hair to enhance them. She says that adding layers to reduce weight is a good idea.

Long layers

First, it’s essential to consult a professional who is familiar with curly hair. Expertly cut layers will ensure that your curls stay light and bouncy regardless of length. Taylor explains that laid curls are a simple style that gives hair volume and movement while giving it a light, airy look.

Consider gravity when imagining how your curls would look with a particular cut. Spino states that long hair will make your curls looser. If you want to lengthen your curls naturally, keep your hair long. This will allow your hair to lose its curls. Air drying is an option.


A bob is the best style for curly hair because it frames your face beautifully and allows your hair’s coils to be shaped effortlessly. The addition of bangs enhances this already slender cut.

Layered Lob

Layered cuts are great for adding length to your hair. This cut is ideal for girls who want to grow their hair into a longer lob.

Geometric Lob

You can create a more editorial look by allowing your natural volume for different shapes.

A Short Afro

A slightly overgrown crop looks great and makes your hair look even more beautiful with hydrated curls. Use a moisture-boosting conditioner like the Shea Moist Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie Conditioner (cost: $4).

A medium-length Afro

Good news! Your natural texture makes it easy to transition from short to long hair. You can choose a sculpted structure or change it up by blowing your hair out. Regular leave-in treatments are a must to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. The Cantu Shea butter Deep Treatment Masque is recommended ($8).

A Curl-Enhancing Pixie Cut

A textured pixie is a beautiful thing. It requires minimal input and produces maximum output. Your natural beauty has no place to hide.

Curly Shag With Bangs

Spino states that shags look great with a little body. This makes it a significant cut to wear on curly girls. This is the cut for you if you want a trendy look but need more time to style it. Although you may be adamant that bangs are not for curly hair, curly hair gives it an edge.

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