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But it can only take you so far. When it comes to makeup, your girl needs coverage. I cannot use a super-lightweight/minimalist foundation or BB Cream. I need something that will camouflage my skin problems. IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Best gets my vote for best CC+ (CC stands for color correcting).

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ nude Glow Review

You’ll know I have shared my love of the IT Cosmetics brand in previous posts on Poor Little It Girl. The SUPERHERO Mascara is the most notable. This is a product I use every time I wash my face before I go out for a photo shoot or to run errands. Unsurprisingly, I fell in love with their other products when I began using them.

The CC+ Your Skin But Better product is not new. It has been around for a long time, which makes sense since it is a product people love. I love their CC+ Cream that has full coverage with SPF50. However, I now prefer their Nude Glow Cream CC+, which has medium coverage and SPF 40.

If you’ve never heard of this product, you’re in store for a real treat. This CC+ Cream is seven products in one – a full-to-medium-coverage foundation, hydrating anti-aging serum, broad-spectrum physical sunscreen, brightening color corrector, poreless-finish primer, dark spot concealer, and moisturizing day cream. Whew! You’ve gained so much space in your makeup bag!

Is IT Cosmetics’ CC+ Cream Water-Based?

Yes! It’s good news for people with sensitive skin and breakouts, as water-based products are gentler on the skin.

Does IT Cosmetics CC+ cream contain non-comedogenic ingredients?

Let’s first review some definitions. Comedogenic is a term used to describe something that can cause blackheads by blocking pores. Noncomedogenic refers to cosmetics or skin care products that do not clog pores.

After that, I am happy to announce that IT Cosmetics CC+ cream is non-comedogenic. Full coverage keeps your pores covered, creating a flawless appearance.

Is IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Pregnancy Safe?

IT Cosmetics tests and ensures all its products’ quality before they are sold. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are involved in the company’s efforts to ensure safety and efficacy. Pregnancy is a sensitive subject, with many different opinions. ).

I used this product while pregnant, but each person has to make their own decision. Bring the ingredient list to your next doctor’s appointment if you are concerned about whether or not a product can be used during pregnancy. Ask for advice. IT Cosmetics offers a complete CC Cream ingredients list on their websites.

How to Apply IT Cosmetics CC+ cream

This product might be for someone else if you’re not a medium or full-coverage fan. This CC cream has been a lifesaver for me. It’s so good that sometimes, I don’t need concealer after application. It’s that good.

I apply it directly to clean skin. This CC cream has SPF 50 built-in, so you don’t have to use a separate sunscreen! Sometimes I use a lighter moisturizer under the CC cream if my skin feels dry during the winter. However, the hyaluronic acids in the product make it moisturizing enough on its own.

It’s easy to apply with a Foundation brush, but you can use a beauty blender or even your fingers. One squirt is enough to cover the entire face. One pump will cover your whole face.

Before and After IT Cosmetics CC Cream

I’m always self-conscious about showing my face on this blog. No filter, no hiding. This is my skin. All those imperfections that I mentioned earlier are visible. Hey, this is life. Plus, pregnancy glow is just a myth. The crazy hormones coursing through my body are causing my skin to freak out. The extra coverage is one of the reasons I like it. You can see the “after” picture on the right, just the CC cream. No concealer, no powder. It’s incredible.

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Ingredients

We should all be aware of what we put on our skin daily. I do not live a “clean,” beautiful life. If this is important to you, I’ve listed IT Cosmetics’ critical ingredients for their CC cream on their website. Click here for the complete list of ingredients.

Collagen: Skin-firming protein that promotes elasticity and a youthful appearance.

Peptides: Help reduce wrinkles and make smoother and firmer skin appear.

Niacin: B Vitamin that helps to improve skin barrier function, elasticity, and tone. It also helps fight acne and hyperpigmentation.

Antioxidants Help reduces the appearance and visible signs of skin damage.

Does the IT Cosmetics CC+ cream work?

You know I can’t leave things alone. THIS IS MY FINAL PHOTO after I finished my face with concealer and powder. I also added my mascara and eyebrows. My skin does not feel caked or heavy. The foundation is super light and provides me with the coverage I require!

It might not be for you if you prefer light or medium coverage. This is the product for you if you want to conceal and color correct like me. My skin loves the gentle yet effective ingredients, and I love the evenness of the skin tone.

It’s a great deal at just under $50 when you consider all the products that will be replaced!

IT Cosmetics CC Cream: Where to Buy?

Are you ready to try it? You can buy IT Cosmetics for your skin but better CC cream directly from the IT Cosmetics site. It is also available at Sephora and Target.

You Can Try More IT Cosmetics Products

You should check out the IT Cosmetics range if you haven’t already! You can add the IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC cream to your next makeup haul. If you’re an IT Cosmetics fan, what products do you use? Tell me in the comments!

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