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In terms of relationships, sunscreen has been one of my longest-lasting and most supportive ones. Even in the age of sheet masks that are single-use and over-exfoliating, sunscreen is still a product everyone should most likely use. Not just when you need to remove your sunglasses, but ideally every day.

The Australian sunscreen brand Ultra Violette has featured in my previous post about non-waxy and no-white-cast sunblock formulas.

These pretty blue tubes, created by former Mecca Cosmetica and Rationale Skincare graduates Bec Jeffers & Ava Matthews, contain some of today’s most popular sunscreens. The packaging is beautiful, but the products inside are also excellent.

The Ultra Violette “Skinscreens” are all carefully formulated. They’re Reef Safe and free of palm oils. You can also choose between sunscreens with a UV chemical filter and those with a mineral UV filter, such as zinc oxide or Titanium dioxide.

How do you navigate the Ultra Violette Skinscreens? There are a lot of SPFs available, and it’s easier to navigate The ordinary.

We tested the Ultra Violette (sunblock) and gathered our opinions.

The Best Ultra Violette Sunscreen for Different Skin Types, A User’s Guide

Ultra Violette says: Our Queen’s milky finish melts into your skin and is the perfect base to apply makeup. Queen is a lightweight serum that’s perfect for dry to normal skin. It can be easily incorporated into your skin care regimen and provides broad-spectrum protection.

I (@monishamay ) say: I’ve used many sunscreens over the years. As someone with a little drier skin and less patient with elaborate routines, I look for something that will serve as my daytime moisturizer and SPF. It should sit comfortably over any hydrating essence or serum I use and not slide under my makeup.

Queen Screen has a more slippery, moisturizing, and serum-like feel. But give it time to sink in before applying makeup, and your face will be smooth, hydrated, and protected. If you are sensitive to scents, it’s essential to know that the rose smell only lasts for a short time after application. The texture of this Ultra Violette sunscreen is fluid, so you should be cautious when applying it.

Chemical SPF Type

Ultra Violette says: Supreme is a hydrating formula with high SPF and a fresh scent. It’s ideal for normal or dry skin.

Diandra ( @diandramalivindi ) says: I have dry, sensitive skin, and finding an SPF to keep my skin clear and moisturized is difficult. Ultra Violette Supreme Screen is a combination moisturizer/SPF that can be applied quickly before I leave the house. It is also an excellent base for my makeup, as it’s light, creamy, and absorbs quickly. The light color tint can leave a tinge on darker skin tones.

Chemical SPF and Mineral

Ultra Violette says: The Harry Styles SPF is gentle, friendly, and in touch with the sensitive side of her. Clean Screen has a lightweight gel texture with a natural finish. Its SPF30 formula is fragrance-free and perfect for acne-prone skin.

Sukriti’s ( @sukritiwahi ) comments: My skin is normal to combination and gets oilier during summer. I wanted to try Ultra Violette Clean Screen because it was labeled a gel, and I love the mattifying effect! After slipping, slopping, and slapping it on my skin for some time, I can confirm the formula’s silky texture. It also has a lightweight melting-on-your-face feeling.

It’s also great that it is part-mineral, or technically, part-physical, as dermatologists prefer physical sunscreens to chemical ones because they are more broad-spectrum and protect against UVA and UVB rays. However, I had yet to find a product that met my needs. It does, in general, what it promises. It is mattifying, non-irritating, and does not cause irritation, but it did not replace my chemical sunscreen, which also acts as a moisturizer and has SPF 50+.

Type SPF: mineral

Ultra Violette says: With her fragrance-free, zinc-only formula with SPF50+ and a unique texture, our Lean Screen is a different product. She will not make your skin sticky, heavy, or yucky; instead, she will leave a subtle matte finish behind. This is perfect for those with oily skin or skin that reacts to sunscreens.

What Julian Says ( @kermitshimbo ) says: I have pretty oily olive Italian skin, and Gaga does too. We both struggle to find a sunscreen that works and doesn’t feel gross or sticky. Ultra Violette Lean Screen is the answer. This little guy has saved me when it comes time to apply sunscreen and skincare. This is my go-to sunscreen and moisturizer every morning. I have yet to get burned since I started using it.

Warning: Those with facial hair should be aware. Last year in Sydney, we experienced some of the most sticky and disgusting days ever. It’s nice to have sunscreen I can rely on that doesn’t feel like I am wearing blocks of sticky liquids.

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