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Following a friend’s rave recommendation, I bought this Wood Sage and Sea Salt scent purchased from Jo Malone, and I must say I am entirely with her. It’s now my favorite, and I also gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day. In India, I came across Jo Malone only on Nykaa. Let’s dive into my opinion on this scent.

Price and Quantity

The Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne is available in four sizes: 9 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 milliliters. The price is Rs 1750 5,500, Rs 6600, and Rs. 10800, respectively. I purchased it through Nykaa. I couldn’t see the product on another site or any offline store. Nykaa offers a generous policy for those buying this fragrance, which means you can test the mini version before going to the full-size version for discounted prices. I bought the 9ml bottle for Rs 1750, and when I purchased the 100 ml bottle, I was offered a discount of Rs 1750 and a few samples of the other scents.


Get away from the daily grind on the swaying shoreline. White waves broke, and fresh air filled with salt from the sea and sea spray. Invigorating with the mineral smell of the rocky rocks. Intermingling with the woody earthiness of the sage. Incredibly, lively, and joyous.

The main note in this cologne is Ambrette Seeds. Their unique texture encapsulates the scent in a radiance of classiness. Heart Note is Sea Salt. Sea salt’s crunchy texture salt imparts texture as well as the sensation of freshness. The base Note is Sage. Woody with earthy and aromatic tones that provide natural deepness.

Here is a little background information on the different types of perfumes that are available on the market

I’m sure many of us do not know about the difference between EDT, EDP, or even perfume and cologne.

The strength of the scent is determined by the amount of perfume oil utilized. The more fat in the fragrance, the more intense the smell will last. Knowing the differences between these strengths will help us choose the best perfume or even aftershave.

Eau De Cologne (EDC) is a very low-cost product that contains only about 2-4 percent essential oil. Therefore, their lasting power is between 2 and 3 hours. They are incredibly fresh and pleasant, perfect for summertime or when you go to a fitness class. In general, EDCs are not gender-specific. The Eau of toilette (EDT) is more concentrated, containing approximately 5 to 15% essential perfume oil. The fragrances labeled as EDT typically last for three hours but will depend on the amount of perfume spray. However, Eau de Parfum(EDP) typically contains 10-20% perfume oil. Therefore, they last longer than 8 hours. EDPs are great for wear in the office. The ‘perfume’ is the most potent, with the highest concentration level. They are the most costly. They’re perfect for the most cherished moments.

My take on Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

Jo Malone is a luxury British brand famous for its candles, colognes, bath, and body care products. It is interesting to note that all their scents are fragrances. They don’t sell EDPS or EDTs. Even though their products contain all Eau de Parfums, I was told that the percentage in the perfume is between EDT and EDPs. However, after trying it, I’m afraid I have to disagree with this statement. I will discuss this further. I also received a few samples from their different EDCs and found the scent distinctive and delicate. It’s a fresh and airy scent that lifts your mood immediately. They could be your favorite scent. They offer body creams and handwashes that are based on their fragrance profiles. This way, they can be layered to create a lasting effect.

The packaging is elegant and straightforward. The EDCs all have silver metallic caps with a discreet glass body. Only their scents’ “intense” variant comes in dark or black chocolate bottles. The packaging on the outside is their trademark cream and black boxes wrapped with a black luxury ribbon.

Then, let’s talk about this Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne. Its scent will make you feel like you are in the world of a five-star hotel or a luxurious spa. It’s probably the most distinctive, fresh, and airy scent among all the other fragrances created by Jo Malone. It’s feminine but not too solid and delicate but not overly floral. If you are a fan of musky scents but find them too masculine or floral scents too feminine and feminine, then this Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne has the perfect balance. This makes it a fantastic unisex scent. It can be worn anywhere during the day and in the evening. It’s great to wear for work and an evening out with a partner.

And the biggest issue with this scent is that it doesn’t remain for longer than a couple of hours. This isn’t very comfortable. Before I bought the 100 ml version, I purchased the smaller version and was so in awe of the scent that I completely overlooked its incredible staying power. After spending close to 10K(INR) for it, I was sure I didn’t get the most bang for my money. I’ll need to apply it again when I go out. Another tip I was given is that using the cologne over shower gel or a moisturizer with a similar scent profile will keep the scent for a longer time. For instance, Jo Malone’s body wash and creams also are expensive. So, I apply a sea salt-based moisturizer and other budget-friendly brands.

However, I’d say that I genuinely enjoyed this scent. This subtle marine feel in the smell lifts my mind and gives me energy. I’d be thrilled to see Jo Malone comes up with EDTs or EDPs with more longevity.

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