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In the world of hair care, there are many categories where innovations come in and out, yet only a few achieve the status of icons. For instance, the hairstylists’ favorite Loreal Paris’s Elnett Satin hairspray or its Moroccanoil Treatment Oil, found on home-based vanities worldwide. Olaplex has gained an enthralling salon following due to its renowned bond-repairing properties. It’s time to welcome K18 Hair, which is said as a brand that will revolutionize the industry by the creators of the famous Aquis Hair Towels, Suveen S. Sahib, as well as Britta Cox. K18 Hair is ready to be a staple in your regimen for your hair.

Why K18 Hair deserves your attention

While many hair care products offer some temporary hydration and repair benefits, the K18 treatment can repair and reverse damage to hair with their patent-pending molecules, K18Peptide(tm). It treats hair that has been damaged through bleach, color chemicals, chemical treatments, or extreme heat and helps restore it to health, giving long-lasting results. “The radical simplicity of reversing hair damage in 4 minutes comes from a complex understanding of what damaged hair needs at the innermost layers to restore strength and elasticity,” says Jordan Alexander, director of worldwide sales and education at K18 Hair. “By going to the innermost layers of hair, biomimetic hair science can renew hair’s core strength and elasticity to bring hair back to its near original, youthful state.” In addition, K18 won’t alter your normal hair’s texture. “The most liberating aspect we observed is that most consumers do not know that the hair’s identical at the molecular level. So, products that function on this level are designed to be suitable for all hair types,” says Alexander.

Breakage and damage are believed as some of the most frequently encountered hair problems hair-related issues in India. “According to Mintel data, 68% of Indian consumers believe that hair styling damages the hair, and perceptions over certain styling and treatment choices lead consumers to seek targeted solutions,” claims Tanya Rajani, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst for India, Mintel. The at-home Leave-In-Molecular Repair Hair Mask costs Rs 5,625/50ml or Rs 1,080/5ml. It is available only to wealthy consumers. “The Indian consumer continues to be price-conscious and seeks products worth the price. Through clinical studies to prove the product’s efficacy, the brand will be able to increase its value and consequently draw in those who can afford the price,” she suggests.

The difference between the in-salon and out-salon versions

The company tested its products extensively in salons before its official launch in India and is currently offering this treatment as an added-on to all hair services. About the way K18 is different, Samir Srivastav, CEO of Jean-Claude Biguine Salon and Spa India, declares, “K18 has a different technology that will strengthen your hair’s primary strength and elasticity without washing it out in less than four minutes. Other bond-building treatments take a longer and are affected by water pH levels, which are then washed away using tap water. K18’s biomimetic system ensures that it gets into the hair’s keratin and is held there by Keratin protein chains to repair damage over a long period. Each use enhances hair texture and prepares it for the next color or texture treatment.”

K18’s international reach

Since the brand’s launch in 2020, star stylists, hair enthusiasts, and other stylists around the globe have fallen in love with the brand. A hairstylist for Rihanna, Yusef Williams advocates for the brand’s consistently good results. “As an expert, I’m always testing new products for my clients, and they can trust me to find the most effective solutions. From all the treatments I’ve tried on my colored or damaged hair, I’ve discovered that K18 is the most efficient. I’ve noticed other treatments become less effective after a certain timeK18 isn’t. It doesn’t have protein build-up. This allows your hair strands to grow stronger every time you use.”

My firsthand experience

Though I’m usually an Olaplex customer, I was intrigued by one of the K18 Products for hair at Jean-Claude’s Biguine the first time I had a color service. I booked a session to get highlights and was a bit anxious about due to the possibility of the damage my hair would suffer. My hairdresser sprayed my hair with Professional Leave-In Molecular Repair Mist and then left it on for 4 minutes to build an outer layer of protection and prepare my hair for color. After shampooing my hair following color treatment, She skipped the conditioner and instead applied a small amount of Leave-In’s Molecular Repair Mask across my lengths and left it on for four minutes. After that, my hair was lightly air-dried. I was eager to experience the product’s benefits without a smooth blow-dry. My hair was incredibly soft as if it was deep-conditioned. In the weeks following, I didn’t notice any extreme dryness, which is typically the case after an appointment for hair coloring.

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