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How often have you realized you’ve wrongly done a particular procedure for years? It’s true; there are many ways to dry your hair correctly. Here are some tips from hair experts on how to achieve perfect drying.

Having a great hairstyle for every occasion is also a question of style. Forget the complex steps to achieve very professional hairstyles that you cannot do alone at home. In most cases, it won’t take much to have enviable locks. Start with the drying of your hair.

Here are some simple tips to help you dry your hair

You may not have realized how you dry hair after washing can affect its style and health. You may make mistakes at the very end and are unhappy with the results, even after applying balms or lotions.

What to do? You can’t avoid following the advice of hairdressers to get a perfect haircut.


You may have thought of this before, especially if your hair is long. But, it’s not a good idea to keep it wrapped up in a towel for too long, as the cotton can cause the hair to break. It’s better to use a Microfiber towel and only keep it on your head for 10 minutes.

Hold the hairdryer with the nozzle pointing downwards during drying

Always (and we repeat, constantly!) Dry the hair from top to bottom, starting at the nape. Never remove the nozzle of the hairdryer. It will help you not to lift the hair bulkily, regulate the airflow and make hair styling easier. It’s goodbye to the curly hair effect! The nozzle provides the perfect distance between your hair and the hairdryer’s hottest point, which should never be too close to the hair or scalp.

The BRUSHING is Determinate but Not Aggressive, and it must be done with CLEAN BRUSHES

Select the brush or the comb that best suits your hair type and style. Please pay special attention to the bristles. If you have smooth, straight hair, you should use ceramic brushes. If you have frizzy, curly hair, you will want to choose a boar bristle brush. It is essential to avoid using plastic brushes, especially when drying your hair, because they can increase heat and cause the hair to dry out too much.

What is the bonus? The bonus?

The type of Hairdryer is last but not least. It is essential to choose a hairdryer that will protect your hair and allow it to dry correctly. If you have thicker hair, for example, you may want to choose a hairdryer that has ceramic and ion technology. This will reduce frizz and give you shine. If it’s also Eco-Friendly and silent, that is even better!

Do you think getting all these benefits in one hairdryer is impossible?

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